Monday, July 07, 2008

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Many many years ago I saw a tv show featuring an eyebrow guru who went by a single name...Anastasia. Celebrities flocked to her to get their eyebrows done. She was THE lady to go to for perfectly groomed and shaped brows. Fast forward some years and Anastasia is known world-wide for her eyebrow kits and tools. She created an eyebrow empire which includes all sorts of accoutrements for brows like very cool eyebrow stencils, an idea I love. Everyone should have a set of these for idiot proof brows.

I was in Beverly Hills not too long ago and I actually went in to see Anastasia's glorious upscale eyebrow emporium. I felt like I didn't belong with my unevenly tweezed ( home job of course) eyebrows. I scurried out quickly.

No need to venture out of the house for Anastasia's brow accessories. You can order products and have them delivered to your doorstep. So easy! There's no excuse for overgrown brows, unibrows, thick bushy eyebrows or skinny brows.

The Five Item Brow Kit includes tweezers, brow powder, brow stencils, one duo brush, brow gel. Her tweezers rock by the way. I love angled tweezers which make plucking stray hairs so much easier and of course these are very very high quality tweezers!

Brow Powder is a less conspicuous way to fill in brows vs. a pencil. If you know how to use the pencil and make it natural, of course she offers those. But if your brows resemble a child's drawing of eyebrows, then please switch to the powder. Brow gel will keep brows in place making them look clean and neat all day.

Anastasia's Eye Light Matte pencil highlights the area under the brow bones. This woman is really serious about brows! She offers every conceivable product to make sure that your eyebrows are groomed and highlighted and arched to their best ability. I love the Tinted Brow Gel. My brows are pretty light so I like to darken them just a smidge, nothing dramatic. The Eye Lights Shimmer can be used as a highlighter or to add light shimmer anywhere on your face- it includes jojoba oil to soften and aloe extract to nurture.

Did you ever pluck your brows so much that all you are left with is two lines above your eyes? Its horrifying! The Brow Enhancing Serum helps to condition, repair and restore eyebrow hair. I'll never forget when I tweezed my brows in the semi-dark and the next day my husband asked what happened to my eyebrows, they were nearly GONE!!

You can buy Anastasia Beverly Hills products on her site here. All products are very high end, luxurious and first class, you will be impressed! And should you make it to Beverly Hills, a stop at her brow salon is a must.

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