Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Xenu's latest recruits, Will and Jada!
Where are the Queer Eye guys because Kevin Federline aka Father of the Year could use a makeover. Lose the b-ball shorts and white sneaks, the chain and oversize shirt. I want to see him in some Abercrombie and Fitch.

Posh on a photoshoot. Yes, it would kill her to smile I think.

Paris Hilton looks very tan and old here. She's missing her turban and cigarillo holder, then she could fit in with the other Palm Beach socialites.

Sandra Bullock is rarely photographed which proves you can be an A list actress and not have the paps trailing your every move.

I bet Matthew McConagoogle is going to name his kid something like Bo or Duke. Daisy for a girl.

I'm so glad Matt Damon is going to be in another Bourne movie, those are the best. His wifey is so cute.

I don't care if these two are girlfriends, no big deal. But the fact that Samantha looks like a fifteen year old boy... is kind of interesting.

Where has Kate Winslet been? I'm glad to see she's filming a movie. Or else she's dressed like that for fun.

Jessica Biel, grumpy face! If I was a famous actress with millions in the bank, I'd never stop smiling.Her shoes look enormous, don't they?

I'd love to know the secret to Jennifer Aniston's gorgeous hair. Wait- professional blowouts from Chris McMillian every other day? That's it.

I am sure that Hilary Swank will be so glad when filming for Amelia is over and she can grow out her hair and darken up those bleached brows. She's going to make an awesome Amelia Earhart though.

Heidi Klum and the nanny posse. She's like a wolf, traveling in a pack.

What sucks is that as we age- and I speak from experience- we have to exercise harder to look good. Of course Cindy Crawford has a personal trainer, plastic surgeon and chef on speed dial which helps.

I don't care so much for the male model, ex Jennifer Aniston boyfriend. I'm looking at Cameron Diaz's outfit. I'd wear everything but the ripped jeans.

Sometimes Jen looks ravishing, other times she looks like she's fifty five years old.


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I'm loving your witty commentary...the Paris Hilton cigarello reference was priceless dahling.

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