Friday, July 04, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Fergie at the airport. She doesnt fly via private jet? I like her casual outfit but that purse is big enough to carry a small child!
Naomi Watts and boyfriend Liev are expecting another child. Congrats!

Don't poke your eye out with the lighter there Samantha. Lindsey's shirt comes with its own bib, how practical for spills and lobster dinners!

Recognize the kids and their crew of nannies? Its Heidi Klum's babes in crocs. I know one of those ladies is Heidi's mom. I think she has a nanny for each child.
Kelly Ripa and kids and husband plus dog.

That sure is some harsh makeup. May I suggest Katie Price employ the Less is More theory?

Congrats to the man who is really a woman, on their birth of his/her baby girl. Its a man with lady parts so what gender do you call him/her? A he-she? A she-man?
Will we have to come up with a new term for this person?
Amanda Peet with friends Jason Bateman and wife. First of all, I like Amanda. Second, that baby and her full head of hair is adorable!