Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lip Colors for the summer

One of my favorite brands is Stila. Pretty colors and whimsical designs plus each season a new line of products makes this a great brand. Stila has this amazing Lip Glaze Stick which is a fat pencil that leaves your lips looking freshly glossed. Its really cool - I love lip glosses and here it is in pencil form. I can't imagine that the shades of Peach and Apricot would not be flattering on any girl. These colors are so summery!

Another favorite is the It Gloss. This gloss gives your mouth a very lush look! Shiny and shimmery, this is a must have for all seasons. Being such a gloss addict, I find it necessary to carry around at least two of these. I love the shade of Inviting over the Lip Glaze Stick in Apricot!

POP Lip Lust is a sheer lip color that contains vitamin E and hyalauric acid to nourish and plump lips. You can wear this lipstick for just a hint of color or apply a couple of swipes on your lips for a deeper, darker shade. Its size makes it super portable and easy to carry around. I love the packaging and colors of this tube! Shades include Naughty Red, Dewy Toffee, Flirty Fuchsia and Petal Pink.

An idea whose time has come! Senna Cosmetics is pure genius! Lipstick is on one end of the wand and a coordinating gloss on the other. Each shade can be worn alone or combined with the gloss. Or wear the gloss alone. It's really up to you. These lip products smell like biscotti and can the colors be any prettier? My favorite is the shade called A la Mode.

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