Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tina Steinberg Jewelry -and- a reader giveaway!

Love touch jewelry, a special momento for moms and dads, friends, grandparents, boyfriends and girlfriends....
You could be the winner of this super soft tee shirt! All you have to do is visit Tina's website here and email me the answer to this question: What is Tina's personal wish?

Intricate, stunning earrings and a butterfly necklace- one of a kind.

This locket really caught my eye. Isn't it breathtaking?

I have a very fashionable friend who wears the best jewelry (and dresses and shoes and knee socks...) and everytime I ask where she got a piece of jewelry she tells me Tina Steinberg! One year for my birthday I recieved a Tina Steinberg locket which is one of my most treasured pieces in my jewelry collection.

Tina creates gorgeous jewelry that has a funky vintage vibe- my favorite kind. Really neat necklaces and bracelets where no two pieces are exactly alike because they are crafted by hand.
Tina also has a cool kit where you can make your own charms and pendents with impressions of fingerprints on vintage looking silver. I would have loved to do this when my kids were newborns. Note to Angelina- when the blessed twins arrive, Tina can FedEx a kit to you!

You must keeping looking back at Tina's site because inventory changes. She had these really neat pomegranate inspired jewelry that I lusted after for weeks. And now? Gone!

To win a special tee shirt from Tina's exclusive collection, visit Tina's website and email me the answer to this question: What is Tina's personal wish? Email at
with the word TINA in the subject line. I will chose a winner and announce the name this weekend.



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I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful thinks on Tina's web site. Thanks for telling us about her.

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