Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wii Fit- Im not in such good shape...

I have been using Wii Fit to strengthen my body and improve my posture. Apparently my center of balance is way off, Wii Fitness likes to point this out every time I step on the balance board. This is such a fun tool for you to improve your fitness level. My husband looked all over southern California for one of these and finally he found one- they are in high demand! Everyone wants to get fit.

Summer is not the time of year when I am into working out strenuously, in fact- the less the better when temps are climbing higher every day. I can use Wii Fit right below a fan and stay cool. Even so, I definitely get my heart rate up. And I never realized how out of balance, out of shape I am! And Im not what you would ever call strong. A few days a week of Wii Fit and I am hoping this improves. In fact, despite the fact that I exercise every day, Im barely a couch potato and after every exercise, the disembodied Wii voice likes to say, "This isn't your best!"
Yes but I can still do a split and a cartwheel, doesn't that count for something?

You can do yoga, balancing games, strength training with simple (ha) moves and aerobic exercising too. I set everything as easy or beginner levels. Because I often do yoga, I assumed I would kick butt on balancing and yoga but this is not so. Im frustrated that I have issues doing push ups, my arms quiver and I break a sweat. I cannot stand on one leg without tumbling over which provides comedy relief for my family. The fact that my ten year old son is better at everything than me and that my "wii fit age" is 54 ticks me off! But I continue...

I'll keep at it and I recommend you check it out too. I can't wait to see what other games they come out with for Wii Fit. As you do more exercises and put in more time, you "unlock" games and exercises which is neat. A lot more fun than walking on the treadmill in my garage.



Anonymous Lola said...

Sounds interesting indeed, I think I need to buy one and try it out! :)

2:05 AM  
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