Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Big wavy hair with Sunsilk!

What could be better than great haircare at a reasonable price? A brand that you could find at Target, Walgreens, CVS or where ever it is that you like to shop? Sunsilk is a fantastic line that caters to every single hair need out there. My two biggest concerns are flat, limp hair and getting my frizz to behave and turn into waves or curls. With the right products, a little coaxing and a curling iron and time, I can usually do something presentable with this head of hair.

I was completely intrigued with the Waves of Envy line and stood at CVS reading the backs of the bottles. In my dreams, my hair would be perfectly wavy, cascading down my back in thick blonde ropes like a mermaid. In reality, I used Waves of Envy and hoped for the best.

With both the Daring Volume and the Waves of Envy shampoo and conditioner, everything lathers well, rinses out easily and leaves my hair feeling healthier than it really is. I use the Daring Volume spray and the mousse for extra oooomph. Yes! My Jersey girl hair is intact without teasing and spraying and teasing and spraying again. My hair really is fuller and I like that!

The Waves of Envy line did what I hoped for- my hair was way less frizzy and I think the Gel and Cream twist helped me there. I tried to wind my hair around my fingers, styling a bit before I blasted my locks with the blowdryer. I like that bed head look so of course I didn't want perfectly shaped curls, I wanted the waves. Mission accomplished!

I would absolutely, 100%, without a doubt reach for SunSilk when I need some new hair care products. There are many other products in this line so be sure to click here and read what they have, get styling tips and samples.



Anonymous rubia said...

i've always been skeptical of sunsilk . . . maybe i will have to give it a try!

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