Monday, August 11, 2008

Daily Dollface

Gwyneth is sure loving those mini skirts/shorts/dresses lately, isn't she? And she's always smirking like she thinks she's better than me! Stop it!!
Poor Jessica lost her foot! And she blew out the knees of her jeans. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Raven Simone's outfit reminds me of the tragic prom dress Christian designed on Project Runway last season. Oh Raven...where's Rachel Zoe when you need her? that a sleep mask?

Tori and baby Liam. He's so adorable! I suppose that's the nanny with little Stella? Everyone has a nanny in Hollywood. They actually send one home with you when you leave Cedars Sinai. It's like a care package..formula, diapers, a blanket and a nanny.

Jennifer Garner and Violet. Cute sundress. I wonder when Jen is due? Maybe December?
Katie and her jeans. She demonstrates the french cuff on the left --surely Tommy taught her how to tuck and roll- while on the right she goes with the high waisted diaper jeans. She's singlehandedly bringing about a Denim Revolution!

Diane Lane is one of my very favorite actresses. Ever since she was in The Outsiders wayyyyy back in the day. If you grew up in the 80's you will remember!
That sweatshirt/vest/cardigan hybrid is not flattering in the least! Rumer, what's with the armband and the fingerless glove?

Jennifer Aniston is wearing a cute outfit and I have something similiar in my own closet. I could wear it and we could be twins! Except I refuse to wear shorts that tiny.
This must be for the television show because there is no way that Ken Paves would allow Eva Longoria to go out in public with her hair looking like that!
Matt, Camila and Levi walking the streets of Malibu. I'm just guessing Malibu, it could be anywhere. Imagine having Matt as your father? You'd be crushing beer cans on your forehead and smoking weed when you turned eight.