Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Cute baby, cute mommy. Harlow looks just like her dad. I love Nicole's outfit. You can't see the ripped up denim shorts and belt but trust- its a funky outfit and I approve.

So we're spared another day of Katie Holmes Denim Revolution. But she is now wearing leggings from the Lindsay Lohan Collection. The leggings, oversize shirt and flats...brings me back to the mid-eighties, not a good time in fashion or my life. I'd wear a huge long shirt with spandex leggings and flat shoes, my hair teased and nails long. Maybe a banana clip in my thin wispy hair. And feather earrings.
If Katie starts wearing stir-ups and legwarmers, we are going to have to call Rachel Zoe.

What? Jessica Biel not only smiling but wearing makeup? I avoid white pants at all costs...because they usually make the person wearing them (me) look big.

Hey I've done that stretch/lunge before too. Katherine Heigl wears a vest that is way too bulky and warm for this time of year.

Jennifer Aniston is wasting no time crying over serial philanderer John Mayer. I couldn't date him. Every time he started to sing to me, I'd roll my eyes knowing he sang Your Body Is A Wonderland to fifty girls before me. I'm telling you, she needs to date Dylan McDermott. Tell me they wouldn't make a good couple!?

I want Isla Fischer's long red hair. And that baby is delicious!!

Fergie wearing a coochie cutter jumpsuit. Doesn't look comfy. And when she has to go to the bathroom, the whole outfit has to come down? I don't think so. Is that a diaper bag?

The only thing more shocking than a woman-turned-man-who- is- still- a- woman giving birth is Clay Aiken becoming a father via sperm donation. Out of all the millions of men to chose from in this world...why Clay?

Hi Emma! She is so cute. Emma Roberts, be a good girl and work hard and stay out of trouble and please wear underwear.

Initially I thought this was photoshopped, like the Cheeto bag and Sunkist can was added but no...The diet of champions, junk food and sodie pop. Where's the Frito pie?
Jake's torso looks like those Halloween costumes where all the muscles are fake and plastic.

I don't believe for one second that their love is not completely manufactured and the deal signed with an attorney present. And purple cashmere, Tom? Really?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I wear feathered earrings:)

7:35 AM  
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