Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mirenesse: a brand you will love!

Like The Wiggles, Elle MacPherson, vegemite and dingos, beauty company Mirenesse comes to us from from Australia. I am very excited to introduce this brand to my fellow beauty lovers! These high quality cosmetics are fabulous.

The product that put Mirenesse on the map is the Secret Weapon Mascara. The mascara's claim to fame is that it wraps each lash in a tube of color and doesn't come off for a full 24 hours, unless you wash it off. It removes with simple soap and water with no residue. My lashes are long and full, just the way I like them! And washing it off is easy. I can't stand having to scrub my eyes to get the makeup off.

I've been using the Powerlift Superstar Eye Serum and I give it two thumbs up. No sticky tacky feeling, no oily texture- this one blends in and quickly absorbs. The Lip Lift Line Fill Serum is a glossy treatment for lips, filling in the lines in lips making them appear smooth and plump. This product "utilizes dehydrated collagen and hyaluronic spheres" which react on contact with lips, creating a swelling (not stinging) sensation.

I'm picky about foundation but can't find a thing wrong with the Velvet Maxi Lift Line Treatment Foundation. You only use a tiny bit dotting it on cheeks, nose and chin, then smooth over entire face. It provides good coverage, evening out skin tone and lasting all day. "Anti-aging extracts help improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles while superior quality micro silicone pigments provide immaculate cover to give you a flawless, youthful appearance."

The lip products are the bomb! I love a super shiny lip and that's what you get with the Oh La La Gloss, a tube of color that will make your lips resplendent! Drenched in shine. It is not sticky at all which is a huge plus. I'll suffer through sticky gloss but prefer not to. The Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine is another winner. Providing lips with long- lasting color via self renewing pigment spheres, this will last for hours. And the big bonus is that the texture is lovely- another non-sticky lip product.

The Skin Clone Mineral Powder is a best seller and you mineral powder lovers out there will want to get one of these little pots of powder. I use a brush and light apply it on my face for a really poreless, perfect look. This does everything but make your coffee- seriously, it hides imperfections, blends well, contains wrinkle fighting benefits, doesn't look heavy on the skin.

Here is a list of Mirenesse's best selling items. I know you will want to check out this brand and maybe purchase a few items...



Blogger Roxy said...

Yep ... love, love, love Mirenesse! That Secret Weapon Mascara has been my fave for years now. Glad others are spreading the word too. xo

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