Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Crest Whitening Expressions

My kids aren't fans of brushing their teeth despite the squeaky clean feeling that comes after a vigorous brushing. In speaking of oral care, is there not anything better than a good floss, brush and rinse? I suppose waving the toothbrush in front of your lips counts as "brushing your teeth"
if you are eight years old. The one trick I can rely on to actual see some oral action is putting decent tasting toothpaste on their brushes. They are beyond strawberry and bubble gum flavors. But Crest has the answer with their Whitening Expressions toothpaste collection.

Flavors that are a big hit in this hizzy are the Cinnamon Rush and the Vanilla Mint. I am partial to the Extreme Herbal Mint. There is also Wintergreen Ice which I like because I want my breath as sweet and minty as possible just in case someone leans in for a kiss. You never know.



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