Monday, September 08, 2008

Daily Dollfaces and PZI Jeans Winners!

Here's the cast of Twilight. I have to say the guy who plays Edward (left) is growing on me. For those of you who havent read the book, get out and read it today.
Jennifer Aniston looks lovely but her top is see-through!

Lindsay and Samantha. SamRo looks cute here.

Jessica Beil is so super fit! Check out her guns. Do you think she works out for hours a day?

I missed the Stand Up to Cancer show the other night. Here are three faces of breast cancer, different ages, but all young.

Thanks to these two for not getting boob jobs. When I see Rachel Zoe and Kate Hudson, I realize I'm not alone in having a small chest. A minority, but not alone!
I saw this on the website, ohnotheydidnt. Jennifer Garner before her lip injections and after. Clearly she gets her mouth plumped on a regular basis. What difference lips, bangs and groomed eyebrows make!
We know what your lips aren't all natural.
Interesting dress, rockin' shoes. Hilary Swank looks fierce here. I'm so very anxious to see the Amelia Earhart film that she will star in.

Meg Ryan! Finally she surfaces in the new movie, The Women. She's had a little nip and tuck over the years for sure.
Naomi Watts is wearing a great dress...the color and embroidery is totally my style. I am about to buy a pair of Birkinstocks like hers too. Im tired of an achy back.
Eva Mendes at the premiere of The Women. Great updo! Very elegant appearance.

There are so many big names in that film, The Women. Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, Annette Benning and more. Debra always looks Red Carpet fantastic, thanks to a stylist...I think she works with Rachel Zoe.
Whoa! Anne Hathaway is definitely taking a fashion risk wearing a gown that looks very couture, very flouncy.

Congrats to my contest winners for the PZI Jeans. There were so many responses that I had to chose more than one person. I randomly selected the following three ladies:
Karen from Hicksville, NY
Kristen from Arlington Heights, IL
Tammy from Ewa Beach, HI
Stay tuned for another reader giveaway!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whaaaaa? I was one of your contest winners? Wow, very grateful. But about Kate Hudson's chest? What chest? Totally, unequivocally...flat.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Gene said...

I heard Jessica Alba say in an interview that she used this product called Abs in a Box to get her pre-baby body back. Then I saw these products by a company called It Cosmetics on the Today Show so I thought I would try them. I TOTALLY look like I've lost 15 lbs instantly and I feel like I'm finally able to get that in-shape look I've been working so hard for in the gym. I used their ABS IN A BOX and SMOKIN' HOT LEGS. I am now going to order the MY BEAUTIFUL BREASTS kit.

Just thought I'd share this GREAT find!!!

1:12 PM  

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