Friday, September 12, 2008

Daily Dollfaces/ Reader Giveaway winner

How could I not feature a male dollface on the cover of Teen Vogue? Zac Efron is giving us the penetrating stare while casually hooking his thumb over the scarf making all young girls swoon! And you know he's wearing so much Cover Girl foundation that he will have to use a trowel to get it off. He's the type to dye his eyelashes and wax the brows.

Twins! Rebecca is looking huge but wonderful. She's glowing! And growing.

Liv Tyler is wearing the "Chinese Flats" that I used to wear as a kid. I got them at Fayva and loved them. Are those leggings from the Lindsay Lohan collection?

Matt and Camilla. Would it kill him to dress up a bit? I think it might. He's so relaxed he should be in his pajamas. Oh, I doubt he wears any.
I could dedicate an entire post about Chad from Bravo's Million Dollar Listing. The bowl cut, shaped into a Beatles cap, so perfectly coiffed and sprayed every episode does nothing short of mesmerize me. His voice, monotone but sounding a little like he has a stuffy nose, is also intriguing. A face full of botox rounds out his signature look. But its really the hair that captivates me.
Imagine heading to your doctors appointment, getting out of the car and having your photo snapped? Well if you're Ashlee Simpson, its probably your dad that called the paps in the first place.

A pensive looking Cameron Diaz after a workout at the gym. Is she thinking of Zac Efron?

Congrats to CARLETTA from North Carolina who won the A Design Brush give away!