Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

I couldn't believe it when I read that Matthew Broderick was cheating on Sarah! Say it ain't so! Here she is with their son who doesn't have his mother's fashion sense. At least she lets him express himself through this clothes. And maybe his hair.
So beautiful Rachel Weis is just gorgeous.

Pose for the camera! I'd be exhausted if I had to constantly pose like Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez. I would just wear enormous sunglasses and a wig most of the time.

Short hair and I like it! Victoria can pull this off. I refuse to have hair this short. It would bring me back to my childhood when I had super short hair and people confused me with a boy. My spanish teacher even called me a "chico" instead of a "chica"! I was twelve, it was traumatic.

What is Hayden wearing? The equivalent of a leg warmer but on her arm? Here's a trend that I hope never catches on. Just a sleeve, please.

Eva Longoria and her husband look nice, elegant. I guess she isn't pregnant. All those rumors indicated that she was. I like her hair too.

Jessica Beil not in workout clothes or flexing her muscles? She cleans up nicely. I understand the red shoe but personally, I would have gone with a nude strappy heel. But alas, she didn't consult me.


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