Thursday, September 11, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Please! You should always match your Birkin to your bathrobe. Victoria's hair is so cute and sassy. Britney should take a page out of her book and go short, lose the weave.
I've yet to see The Hills or whatever show Lauren Conrad is on. She's a pretty girl (although her skin looks ashy here) who was smart to parlay her fifteen minutes of reality show fame into a fashion line. I'm waiting on my line of makeup and my production studio....still waiting.

My kids used to love that Amanda show. I'm glad its off the air. But I do adore Amanda Bynes.

Sarah Jessica strolling around the city. Every time I try to buy something from her line at Steve and Barry's, there's nothing left on the racks. I'd wear her entire outfit in this photo. Including the pink underpants that are peeking out.

I want Rachel McAdams to play Marilyn Monroe in the movie that I finished writing. But she would definitely have to go back to blonde.

Denim Revolution 2008. Katie's head is down because she's sad Tommy didn't get the role of Liberace. Oh well, there's always the Sigfried and Roy movie. Her pants are too long- they are dragging on the ground picking up germs and dirt! Tommy should really hem those for her. Is Suri in that bag?

Jessica Beil is everywhere these days, she must have a movie coming out soon.

See what miracles you can perform with a little Photoshop? This doenst even look like Anne Hathaway- but it is!