Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Who doesn't love Christy Turlington? If I could wake up tomorrow and look exactly like her, I'd be content. Although I wouldn't want to wake up next to Ed Burns, he's got that whiny voice that would drive me to drink. A lot. More than I already do. Don't judge!
Where's she been lately? Renee Zellweger on the Red Carpet for her new movie. Is it me or does her hair look gray? It's probably me.

Don't cry for Jennifer Aniston. All she does is go to meeting, pose on the beach and workout with her personal trainer (see below). The breakup with John Mayer was probably a good thing. He's such a playa. She needs to listen to me...older man! Like...Jack Nicholson.

Wait- what? Where is the nanny? Bodyguard? Dont tell me Julia Roberts can take care of her kids on her own! Thats insane.

I'm not big on plaid, its for Grandmas and couches, but Charlize looks great and I'm coveting those shoes.

Jennifer Garner must have an enormous sneaker collection. Maybe she wears them once then donates them to Goodwill. She's always wearing tennis shoes of some kind.

Could Kelly Ripa and her family be any cuter? Did you see the comparison between Kelly's skinny body and Madonna's body in the weekly tabloids? No..uh, me neither. Never read those!


Claudia Schiffer's son is so cute. I love his school boy getup. I'd like to dress my son in that outfit and make him wear Harry Potter glasses too.

Love love love love Kate Winslet. She is so talented, beautiful, lovely..does she ever have a fat day like I am right now? Bad hair day? I'm having one of those too.

Doesnt anyone else ever notice that Nicole Richie has really large big toes? And they never seem to lift up off her flip flops? It's weird. Or maybe its just me. Coochie cutter shorts!

I have nothing bad to say about Hillary Duff. Wait-no, can't thing of anything.

No, no! Doesn't Jennifer Aniston know that spandex= camel toe? Embarrassing!

Diane Kruger is usually such a fashionista! What happened here? She looks like a little British school boy.

Nearly old enough for sexy Myspace pictures to be leaked! Dakota Fanning at the premiere of Hound-dog aka the movie with the rape scene.
Adam Sandler's marriage works because his wife Jackie is normal, I mean she's not "in the business." His daughter looks just like him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you know where kate winslet got her shirt? i love it!

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love all of your comments on this but...Kelly Ripa? A lightweight from New Jersey:(((( Pulleeeeeze.
And I also would like to know where Kate W got her shirt.

9:43 AM  
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