Monday, September 01, 2008

Keeping it Clean, the Lysol Steam Mop

I know this is a beauty site but occasionally I like to feature household items. I love a clean house but boy do I hate to spend the day scrubbing. After living with tile floors with deep groves, I was getting sick of having the bottoms of my socks or feet turn black. BLACK. With two kids and two dogs in and out of the house, its nearly impossible to keep it clean. I've been using the amazing Shaklee cleaning products and sponges and micro fiber towels and loving them. When I have the tools, I don't mind cleaning (as much). I want a nice house that smells not of dog but of cleanliness.

I went online (where else would I go?) and read the reviews of Steam Mops. What an exciting way to kill a few hours. I poured over the reviews of the H20 Mop versus the Lysol Mop. My back hurts so much lugging around buckets of water and bending over to scrub the floor so what better product than a steam mop? One that promises to sanitize and clean in one fell swoop.

I didn't want to spend a fortune so the $39.99 price tag was just right. I placed my order and within days the mop was at my door. Yay!

Here's what I like about the mop: its very light, easy to handle. The steam part fills up with water and you have to wait about three minutes for it to heat, so its pretty quick. The swivel mop head gets all angles and corners. The steam gets HOT so there's no doubt that my floor isn't getting cleaned. It is very easy to use.
I squirt some Shaklee cleaner on the floor rather than fill the Lysol cleaner cup, per a few reviews on Amazon. All in all, it works nicely.

Those were the pros and the cons are few but major. You get only two very skimpy cloths to velcro onto the mop head where the steam comes out. The cloths are nothing more than slightly heavy paper towels. Putting the cloths in the washing machine causes the velcro to crinkle and fuzz attaches itself to the velcro thus disabling the velcro to properly stay closed. They are difficult to wash by hand since all the dirt and grime doesn't get completely removed. The cord could be a little longer, I have to remove the cord and replug to get the entire kitchen/hallway. Its hard to see when the water gets low, a warning light would be nice.

I like this one aside from those annoyingly skimpy cloths but wonder if spending a few dollars more for a different machine would have been better? Something like this, Bissell Hard Floor Cleaner. For now, my Lysol mop is fine but those cloth covers will have to be improved or I need to come up with a solution because they simply won't do.
Now back to beauty.


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I agree, having the right cleaning tools make it alot easier to clean

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You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

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