Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Melanie Segal's Emmy Suites

Melanie Segal always throws excellent parties for the happening Hollywood awards. Her Platinum Publicity events are so much fun that I will drop whatever I am doing and go running over to Hollywood to attend. Her latest Emmy Suite was held off Sunset Blvd. in the Hollywood Hills. It's beautiful there with homes perched precariously high on the hills, lush green trees and plants everywhere the eye can see. There is always a thrill at seeing the big Hollywood sign. I grew up dreaming of that sight and there is it, right in front of me.
People are always asking when I mention the Emmy Gifting Suites, "What's that?" Well, my darlings, its a place to see and be seen. Celebrities attend and vendors set up their goods, hoping to get photos with the celebs and their products. It's a way to get products into the hands of the fabulous Hollywood stars as well as the press, which is where I come in. The suites are usually set up during awards seasons or for big events. I personally like the opportunity to meet and greet the sellers. You can mingle and chat and just chill and have fun. Okay, yes it is cool to see celebrities too.

One of my first stops was to check out the display of footwear that was beckoning me over. Klub Niko offers beautiful shoes. If you are a shoe loving girly girl like myself, you will want to hightail it over to their website and review this shoe line. Pay attention to Ella, Edie and Willa- these are my faves.
I am no connoisseur but I know good wine when I taste it and this Katherine Hall vino was smooth and delicious. At $75 a bottle, it should be. I wanted to linger around for another glass but I just stared longingly at the bottles and slowly backed away.

Have you ever tried Mor Cosmetics? Their line of body care products are wonderful, especially the body souffles. You must head over to their website and check it all out. The holidays are around the corner and what better gifts for the girly girls in your life?

A stylish gum for a stylish event- have you tried 5Gum before? It's delicious. I go through this gum like crazy. I'm always chewing and now my kids sneak into my purse and pull out a few sticks for themselves.

Dove Chocolates for everyone. No one can resist chocolates!
The girls at The Proportion of Blu were so nice. One of the fashionistas who looked like a model suggested I try a pair of the cropped skinny jeans which I feared would make me look stumpy, like an overgrown gnome. But the rise of the waist and the slim cut is rather flattering. Meet my new favorite jeans. They have a huge celebrity following and have been in many fashion magazines.

The cute girl with the red lipstick and nosering at the T3 Tourmaline set up was so nice to take pity on my frizzy hair and show me how to flatiron it and give it a subtle curl. T3 has a great line of hair care products and their hairspray is the bomb. It gives great hold without making hair crispy and stiff. Plus their blowdryers and other styling products are worth your while to try. Even the Empress of Lucite, Shauna Sand strolled by to score herself a blowdryer.

Ever find yourself parched for an elegant drink but there's nothing that satisfies? That's where Dirty Blonde Cocktails come in. These high end flirty champagne cocktails are made with the ladies in mind. Delicious! Check out the flavors, they are fantastic.

Astrologer extraordinaire Brad Kronen was on hand to read the Tarot cards for those who wanted a glimpse into the future- or to learn about themselves. I was satisfied with my reading and he totally nailed my Aquarian traits. Brad really knows his stuff and if you want a reading or anything else please tell him I sent you. Because he's pyschic, he will know exactly who you are talking about. I adore Brad!

Makeup Mandy, Juan Juan hair salon, Heather Hyde-designer, American Rebel PR, Chip and Pepper were also on hand. I scored some Palmers Cocoa Butter- have you tried this? It makes your skin super soft and totally moisturizes your whole body. They have a new Olive Oil formula which is what I'll be coating myself with when the cool winter months roll in. I have to give a shout out to the girls of D'ssence Urban Chic- they were so fun and friendly and had cute tee shirts and other fab stuff!

And you will want to check out the new lip care line from Nivea. Shiny lip glosses and lip balms to make your mouth super kissable. I'm so pleased to learn that Nivea has tons of glossy products! They are really affordable and easy to find, every drugstore sells Nivea.

What a terrific day I had. Thanks to Melanie and her entourage for putting together another outstanding event!

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