Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme

Don't you hate those pesky lines and wrinkles? They seem to sneak up on you after you turn thirty and become glaringly more obvious as time goes by. I am always applying lotions, potions and creams to fight that wrinkle battle. And now here is a new product that promises to lift skin, reduce look of lines, improve texture, fill in lines immediately and diffuses the appearance of fine lines (think around the eye area), it's the -hold it- drum roll please....Super Line Preventor Xtreme Lifting Concentrate.

Check out that neat tip, ideal for zipping right over the crevices and creases on the face. The technology in the Xtreme-Life Complex contains micro-nutrients plus a blend of antioxidants such as Grape Seed Extract, Rosemary Extract and Pomegranate. This product is gentle and non-irritating and can be worn over makeup or under which makes it perfect for any time of day or night!

I've been regularly using my Prescriptives foundation and moisturizer and loving this brand!



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