Sunday, October 05, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

WOW! What a transformation. Nothing in Hollywood is what it seems. Megan Fox is rebuilt like an old car engine.
This is exactly nothing like any of my birthday parties. Nicky Hilton celebrates with an enormous Betsey Johnson of a cake, from which she most likely didn't take a bite. Jenny's little boy is adorable! Is there anything this lady can't do? Playboy model, host of a game show (who can forget Singled Out on Mtv?) actress, girlfriend of Jim Carrey, and author. And she can do gross-out jokes, burp and fart with the best of them.
Kate Walsh is gorgeous here. She's also slightly orange but I'll forgive. The dress is stunning, the shoes are perfect, hair and makeup is very glam.

Thanks to the promo's from this show, I now answer the door calling, "Come in if you're sexy!"
I love Molly Shannon. Did you see Year of the Dog? She was excellent in it.

Well what else would Suri be wearing but a party dress? Tom is in his best purple turtleneck. Purple? Turtleneck? Not very manly. But Xenu approves.

Jennie Garth looks lovely here. Did you know she uses botox? She's only my age and is already hitting the needle. Once you start, its hard to stop. Its also hard to make faces and raise your eyebrows.

The expectant parents. I really hope they give their child a crazy name. Voodoo Monkey Simpson Wentz or something.
Anne Hathaway has beautiful skin. I wonder if she uses an spf 90 every day? Did you catch her on SNL last night? She was surprisingly funny!

What is that black smudge on her cheek? It does little to dim her glow. You simply cannot make Angelina Jolie look bad. Does she look in the mirror and know how beautiful she is?
Funny, that's the exact outfit I wore when I took my kids to Build a Bear.

I'd love to wear that dress, the color is so pretty. But who told Nicole to hold her hair like that? A little unnatural! But the pose enables us to view her lineless forehead, smooth as marble.

Do you think he practices that look in the mirror? I can't help it, everytime I see him, I get this red neon sign in my brain flashing: MANSLUT! MANSLUT!

The only reason I posted this photo was for you to see the heels on those shoes. Like six inch spikes!


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