Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

This is my dog, Leo. I call him Leonardo diCrapio. Not that funny, I know.

I'm no fashion critic, I only pretend to be one on occasion. But take my advice beautiful ladies, don't ever attempt to pair red shoes with a red dress. It will never match 100% and it will look like you are a fifteen year old getting your shoes dyed at the mall shoe store to match your prom dress. You almost never go wrong with a black strappy shoe! Oh Jenny Garth, next time- call me! First of all, Lisa Rinna has an insane body. Second, her lips are huge. Don't tell me those are natural. And third, she seems like she would be a blast to hang out with. We could be BFF!
Brad Pitt looks almost Amish as he pedals around New Orleans. He's just trying to be "normal." Out of sight is the bodyguard. The Jolie-Pitts have them around 24/7.
Grumpy face Alba and her adorable, cuddly baby, Honor. Check out the Mary Jane socks!
This is natural beauty. Love love love love love Kate Winslet!
Thandie Newton is so stunning! Her dress looks like it made from Saran Wrap and tin foil but I dig it.
My eyes! My eyes! They can't take the glare from the beauty of Angelina and her children! The horse is completely unphased but the lady in the glasses is enjoying the view.
Jessica and Justin. I hear they are getting married...but that could be a mean, vicious rumor. I love her leopard scarf. I'm a sucker for the animals prints.
Jaslene and Caridee, America's Next Top Models. Caridee..ugh, the outfit! Its all kinds of wrong. I like Jaslene's outfit but she looks sickly-skinny. I want her to eat a sandwich, heavy on the cheese.
Don't take this the wrong way but sometimes I think Jada Pinkett looks a wee bit manly. Maybe she should ease up on the weight training and lose the curly wig?
I have nothing good or bad to say about Debra Messing. Let me think....nope, got nothing. Well, if we get bored, we can always play checkers on her legs.
Cindy Crawford and her super model children. Her kids are gorgeous! Presley is a pretty boy, isn't he?

Check out the gams! Britney must be back at the gym, look at her calves. They're Cheeto filled. I want her to clean up and look elegant but the ratty weave and smeared red lipstick call out "backwoods Barbie."

I'm going to be studying Anne Hathaway's ensembles because she is styled by Rachel Zoe, therefore perfectly put together Whatever Anne wears, I will be in the exact same outfit, but mine will be purchased at Ross, Marshalls or TJ Maxx.
I think I've seen Rosie O'Donnell in the same exact outfit Shiloh is wearing. Long shirt? Check. Baggy pants? Yup. The dreaded Crocs? Bingo! Does she scrapbook and hang out with Madonna too?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Winslet can do no wrong but Rinna's hairstyle? If you ever do hang out with her, tell her it's not quite Katie Holmes-ish.

3:42 PM  
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