Friday, October 10, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Here's Grumpy Alba. I love her outfit. She must have about two thousand scarves, she's always wearing them. I tend to wear them a lot too.
I'm glad to see my son isn't the only kid drawn to playing pretend guns. But why is Heidi Klum's little boy only wearing Speedos? Put some shorts on him!

Kim Kardashian dresses like I Dream of Jeannie meets Princess Jasmine.
When I roll out of bed to take the kids to school, I dress exactly like Sarah Jessica but my hair looks exactly like her sons.
Jennifer Aniston's body is insane. She is so fit and her hair is awesome. All that time alone in Mexico, does a body good!
I hear she bought a tanning bed for inside her house...very bad for the skin. Little Violet might have spilled some red paint on her overalls. She always looks so happy!

Hillary Duff. Have you seen her stuff? It's called Stuff by Hillary Duff. Say it again...sounds like a Dr. Suess book. That stuff is fluff, the cuff for your muff, oh the stuff by Hillary Duff.
Why does a two year old need something from Hermes? Maybe going to Hermes is to Katie Cruise what going to the dollar store is to me. I can afford a couple one dollar items...she can spend thousands on one or two things.

Should she really be eating that ice cream with those big zits brewing on her cheeks/chin? Oh Britney! You should be eating only organic tofu soy blended sorbet and drinking water.
I cannot wait to see this movie. I'm sure it's going to be a fantastic chick-flick of a film.

The girls who wrote Bride Wars also wrote the House Bunny which was very funny. I like Anna Faris, she is so cute.

Warning: your eyes might not be able to take the beauty of Angelina nursing one of her twins.
Speaking of twins, Rebecca is getting bigger and bigger by the day. That's what happens when you're pregnant. Her purse and her belly bump are the same size!

I've seen Cameron wear those shoes before. Isn't there a rule against wearing the same clothes/shoes twice when you are an A list celeb? The secretary in gray is not impressed, she's looking the other way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re:Brit-Brit, you mean ice cream is bad 4u??
Seems to me, Cindy, that you should compile a book with these hilarious captions!

11:44 AM  
Blogger redrunner said...

hahaha! i love all of these!! your captions are sooo funny!

9:45 AM  

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