Thursday, October 23, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

I keep praying to wake up and look exactly like Gisele Bunchen but so far...its not happening.
The Happiest Kid in Hollywood- Violet Affleck. She just seems like a very sweet little girl. I'd offer to babysit...if I knew her mom.

Liv is wearing my kind of outfit. Jeans, a leopard bag and bright yellow sweater. Check, check and check! But is her son wearing...Crocs?

Natalie Portman is simply sitting on a park bench and looking plain adorable. Her shoes don't offer much support though and if she steps on a rusty nail, forget it. My practical side always thinks like that.
I believe these two have been friends for years and years. Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler are styled by my personal icon, Rachel Zoe. I'm very sad that The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo is over.

I like this murky whirlwind of an outfit but I'm hard pressed to don a pair of L'eggs myself. Black pantyhose seems so... 1980's secretary.

I loooooove Jessica Simpson's bag but I feel really bad that she's missing a foot.
Jessica Biel watches Justin Timberlake play golf in this pic. I accompanied my husband to the golf course once and it was so boring. I even brought a stack of magazines to page through in the cart while he played. Finally I insisted we leave. Now he just goes by himself.

I think Katherine Hiegl is gorgeous but the side of her coiff looks like a toothless mouth.

Helena Bonham Carter always looks like she might be harboring a nest of flies in her hair, doesn't she? No matter, I dig her look. See the pink crocs on the left? I think they belong to the nanny. And Helena's little boy also has the Crocs. Crocs are taking over! That baby is so chubby and cute, I want to bite her- gently!

I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dr. Robert Rey in the flesh. He really is a snazzy dresser. He's got the Color Me Badd look down just right. If my husband dared to wear that in public, I'd collapse in a fit of giggles.
Imagine this...I'm walking down the stairs at the Chateau Marmont, I look and see Billy Zane standing in front of me, walking up the stairs. Our eyes lock..and we each kept walking. He's really handsome in person.
Have you been watching Dancing With the Stars? Brooke Burke will win, I'm sure of it. She has the best hair and such a skinny fit body- and after four kids! I will assume that she's had oodles of plastic surgery and don't forget the personal trainer, personal chef and obviously breast implants. I feel better now.

I wish I had a wax figure of myself. I'd prop her up in a variety of poses and send her to do my dirty work. Check out Carrie Underwood's shoes. They are fierce! Sometimes chunky shoes make my legs look stumpy.

Loungy pajama bottom caftan lace hybrid. Clearly one of Tom's designs. You know what would complete this look? A mink turban, oversized sunglasses and a dirty martini.


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