Monday, October 20, 2008

Deborah Lippmann for the winter

New winter colors from the Lippmann collection. Maneater is a rich dark chocolate, Superstar is bronzed shimmer, Holiday is a shimmery candy apple red and Icing on the Cake is a smooth, frosty pink. Candy apples, icing and chocolate- I'm getting hungry.
This little nail polish trio called Party Like a Rockstar would make any glamour girl smile with glee. With the holidays coming up...hint hint. Its the perfect gift for your friend, mother, sister, or just go ahead and be selfish and buy it for yourself. Every holiday season (before I was married and had children) I would head over to Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey, and shop for my family, finishing up the trip with a nice gift for myself. My favorite place to splurge was..where else? Sephora.

Party Like a Rockstar includes Good Girl Gone Bad (violet shimmer), Devil in a Blue Dress (indigo) and a top coat called Addicted to Speed. That last one can be interpreted a couple different ways.

Stop right here and admire the bronze shimmer with flecks of glitter in Superstar. If you think it looks cool in the photo, you ought to check it on your nails. I couldn't stop staring at my fingertips. It's hip, funky and cool. My favorite Deborah Lippmann color of the season.
For more Lippmann colors which are so fabulous that you will want to order more than one, click here. And to see the shades on actual nails, I will direct you to All Lacquered Up- my favorite nail polish site.



Blogger Kate said...

I wonder if the Icing/Cake one is anything like Essie's Anniversary Gala, which I love and can't find now. I have to check out that last one (brown)....the name escapes me already~!

8:22 PM  

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