Monday, October 06, 2008

Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka is a holistic brand that I've been anxious to learn about. Ever since I read about a certain celeb who maintains gorgeous skin thanks to this brand of skincare, I have been wanting to try the face creams. But wait- Dr. Hauschka is so much more than skincare. I don't even know where to begin- this brand offers so much from skin care tips on their website to all natural spa items and skin care products for every type of skin.

Dr. Hauschka's ingredients are plant and mineral based and they use natural botanical preservatives to keep products fresh. There is nothing harmful in the products and their cosmetics are rich in nutrients without sacrificing color. I love their lip colors, specifically the pans of gloss which contain rose and jojoba oil to moisturize and hydrate. The Rouge Powder gives cheeks a subtle flush of natural color with ingredients such as rose extract and pure silk.

I wasn't sure about an all natural eyeliner- I expected it to be a little rough or crumbly. But the eyeliner, made with mineral pigments, has a great consistency and lasted a long time with no smudges. Consider me impressed! Who knew that holistic makeup could be so awesome?

I could write pages and pages about the body and skincare items. I tested several things and give every product a high rating. The Aromatherapy Bath kit is the bomb! The essential oils smell so clean, relaxing and fresh. My personal fave is the Rosemary Bath. The kit includes, Lemon Bath, Lavender Bath, Rosemary Bath, Spruce Bath and Sage Bath.

The Daily Face Care kit also gets high marks. My oily skin responded nicely to these products which were not abrasive or irritating. Sometimes products geared towards oily skin can strip away the natural oils which causes skin to go into overdrive, more oil production! But Dr. Hauschka's skincare leaves skin soft and clean with no residue. The products geared towards dry or sensitive skin are ideal for those who tend to break out easily as a reaction to the chemicals found in most cosmetics. Pure and natural, these products feed your face with nutrients.

I take very good care of my skin and use creams and lotions and potions every night, always in search of the best. I love love love Dr. Hauschka's products for "Mature" skin. The Regenerating Day Cream, Serum and Treatment are my must have products after a shower in the evening. It's a nightly ritual, using these. The Regenerating Day Cream "supports natural cellular regeneration as it refines and replenishes, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin soft, radiant and supple." Even though it's a day cream, I've used it at night because I like it so much! I used to rely on powder and foundation to keep my skin looking good, now using moisturizers and cleansers is how I keep my skin fresh and clear.

The Regenerating Serum and Intensive Treatment are equally wonderful, using plant based ingredients to combat wrinkles, fine lines, sagging. Use of the products will result in more radiant skin and improved tone. I'm telling you this based on my experience. I could continue writing all day about the benefits of using Dr. Hauschka's holistic care products. In a perfect world, I would only eat organic foods and drink pure water from the mountains of Switzerland, I would take a daily walk in the clean, fresh air and the only products to ever touch my face or body would be those from the esteemed Dr. Hauschka line. You can learn much more about these products here.

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