Thursday, October 09, 2008

International Orange

International Orange is a yoga spa located in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. Simply looking at their website fills me with tranquility and peace. I wish I could fly there right this minute and soak up the environment, take a yoga class and get a massage. It would do me a world of wonders. Since I can't get to International Orange, the next best thing is to use their spa products. These pure organic body products only use the best ingredients and are crafted by hand. The scents are created from ceremonial flowers, citruses and herbs. I want to breathe these in, meditate and rest. Maybe I should take time to do just that. I tested several products from the International Orange line. I feel so spoiled and so lucky to get a chance to use these. The Anoint Body Oil is made from white lotus, jasmine and a green tea infusion. I generously applied this after a warm shower and it melted into my skin. I am going to inhale this whenever I'm feeling in need of a soothing scent. I was very excited to try the Balance Deodorant. I've read about the potential toxins in the kind I've been using so this one is a welcome change. One of my favorite ingredients is found in here, lavender. Although its all natural, it works. I like the spray bottle.

OOhhh the Bath Soak. I need to use this tonight because I'm feeling out of balance, out of sync. Sea salt, epsom salts, baking soda plus orange blossom will help with toxins and relieve my muscle pain. A bath is a real treat and using this will make me feel incredibly pampered. I will do a little yoga then soak in a bath.

Restore hair wash and Nourish hair cream is a lovely duo used to enhance hair with natural elements. Will not dry out the delicate hair, contains nothing toxic, only the very best nutrients. If I could only use these International Orange products for the rest of my life I would be thrilled. They are that wonderful.

Cleanse body wash contains lavender, bergmot, calendula blossom. The Enrich body lotion is made from white lotus, bergamot and tuberose petal. These are soothing and gentle products that made me feel peaceful and uplifted. I think it must be knowing these are good for the skin and body.

Even if you are nowhere near San Francisco, you must head over to the website and read it through. Live vicariously. Imagine. Relax. I'm off to make myself some green tea.



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Have you ever visited a site called "Dlisted"? It reminds me of your blog sometimes - the celebrity parts. It's pretty funny.

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