Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nail Colors...

I saw this color by Rescue Beauty and knew I had to have it! I love the pale coral hue, not too orange- that screams out Boca Raton retiree!- its just the perfect shade. I searched high and low at the drugstores around here. I wanted something quick and cheap. This is not an investment color. Its one that I love now but maybe not so much in six months from now, depending on my mood.

I finally sound Sally Hansen's No Chip 10 Day Nail Color in the shade of Absolute Mandarin. Its not an exact match but gives me a coral color thats acceptable. I think the Rescue Beauty has more of a yellowness to it but the Sally Hansen works for me. It did not chip at all, true to the "10 day nail color" name. It did fade around the tips but thats because I'm a hard working woman who plunges her hands into hot dishwater on a daily basis like a fourteenth century scullery maid. Look, its not a glamorous life.

This is an investment color. I mean that you will love it now, you will love it a year from now. Chanel's Vamp was the it shade a few years back. I think this is the color that kicked off the dark nail trend. And then nail colors only got darker and Chanel introduced Black Satin. You can't get much darker than black now, can you? Vamp is a shade that is at once fancy, elegant and sophisticated. Pull it out for special occasions, holidays or when you are feeling...well, Vampy! Chanel's nail colors are ideal in every day- super shiny, long wearing, fast drying.
Vamp is the ideal blend of red and black. It's perfection in a bottle.

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