Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Philip B.

It's true, I don't deny it. Not to brag or anything but I was gifted with very frizzy hair that refuses to obey my heat styling commands. Left to dry naturally, my hair will curl up on the ends and remain flat on top. Not a good look. When I blow dry, the frizz is out of control. So then I use hot rollers, curling irons and a flatiron. Not at the same time. Well, not every day anyway.

When I got my hair cut a few weeks ago, the stylist chided me for washing and blowing almost daily. "Go two to three days without washing!" she instructed. I thought of how I exercise and sleep and how gross and oily my hair gets within a mere twelve hour span. Ugh. I bought dry shampoo which gives me a day without washing the hair or having to wear a hat.

Here's where the Philip B. Rejuvating Oil comes in. On the days where I don't wash my hair, I saturated the ends with this oil before I take my nightly shower. The oil is formulated to work on dehydrated and damaged hair- that would be mine. I leave it on for a good 20-30 minutes then rinse it in the shower and air dry my hair. The next day when I shampoo, my hair is smoother and feels like its been fed some mighty good nutrients.

This Lovin' Leave-in Conditioning Creme contains soy and wheat proteins to strengthen weak and damaged hair-like mine. This helps lock in moisture without weighing the hair down which is perfect for those of us who tend to have flat hair. It fights the frizzies and can be used as a pre-blow dry cream, just use a small blob on towel dried hair and style. Or use it like I do, after styling to keep the fuzz and frizz away.
Im thrilled and excited to test products from this line. I've never used Philip B. before but now I've got a whole list of products I want to try! I think the White Truffle Collection would look particularly stunning in my bathroom.



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