Saturday, October 04, 2008

Psssst Dry Shampoo

The other day I got my hair trimmed. Keep in mind, my hair is dry, limp, and color treated. Its also beaten and battered by a nearly daily combination of heat styling and blow drying not to mention using cheap hairspray which gives me a nice helmet head of stiff hair. It's true, I hide behind my hair. I like really big hair because I think it takes the focus off my face. Now you know my secret of low self esteem.

The stylist informed me that my hair was in bad, bad shape. She didn't exactly say those words but she implied it. As she trimmed those split and damaged ends, she said, "Cindy, you only need to wash your hair every three days."

She explained that I need to brush really well before I go to bed to bring the oils through my hair. She suggested using a dry shampoo on day two and getting creative with the curling iron and styling my hair in an updo or ponytail. The health of my hair depends on revisiting the idea of shampooing and heat styling every single day. Because I've been sick with this nasty cold and bad cough, I've been home so I decided to try out her suggestions even though I cringe at the thought of not styling my locks daily.

When I was picking up my Zithromax at CVS this week, I noticed this stuff called Psssst. Its a dry shampoo and it comes in either Blonde or Brunette. It sells for $7.99. Worth it? I decided to give it a whirl.

Despite the contact high I almost got from the aerosol can, I believe this works. I sprayed a bit around the root area, brushed well and secured in a ponytail. To my surprise and delight, my hair did not look like someone applied Crisco to my roots. On day three, I use it again and wore a hat. Today, I must wash my hair. But tomorrow I will use the Pssst and see how it goes. Its a good alternative to washing every day, this dry shampoo.

During this month, I'm going to try to get my hair into better shape. My goal is to improve the condition of my hair as opposed to looking "fuzzy" on the ends, a condition I've grown to accept. Maybe the secret to lovely hair is not shampooing and styling every day. We'll can check out this dry shampoo for yourself at



Blogger Ginger said...

I highly recommend Ojon restorative treatment for damaged hair. Works wonders on my fine, frizzy, very breakable mop.

1:21 AM  
Blogger javieth said...

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Blogger katty said...

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3:34 PM  

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