Monday, October 06, 2008

Someone Spoil Me...Breast Cancer Awareness

This is a fabulous site but what makes it extra special is the breast cancer awareness products they offer-everything all in one nifty place. There are many beautiful items including the tee shirt Gwyneth models in the above picture and jewelry, keychains, cupcakes tee shirts and much, much more. It is well worth your time to do a little shopping to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness.

And while you are on the site, you may as well do a little pre-holiday window shopping. You will be drooling over all the luxury items on Someone Spoil Me. I am new to the site but spent quite a long time pouring over the many gift ideas.
Let's circle back to the breast cancer cause...simply donate to the widget below and leave a comment (Comments for the Cure) to be entered into a contest where you could win amazing beauty products.


Anonymous Nalo said...

With Christina Applegate being diagnosed with breast cancer and her being such a young age and in shape, just proves it can happen to anyone and the more we research the more we can find out, Clinique has a special Breast Awareness product, you can check out on my site at

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