Thursday, October 02, 2008

We have to talk Project Runway, specifically Kenley

When Project Runway first aired, I did not watch it. I wasn't interested, or so I thought. After hearing all the chatter about this show, I finally tuned in during season 2 and have been hooked ever since. Don't talk to me when the show is on. I like to watch it alone, in my room, lounging with my pillows where I can absorb every last moment of the show, from Heidi's super short dresses to Michael Kors's faux tan. And of course, I focus on the the designers and what would the whole thing be without the incomperable Tim Gunn?

Long ago, I wanted to go to art school and become a fashion designer. My terrible guidance counselor discouraged that notion and I listened for some reason. Now as I watch PR, I always imagine what I would create for each challenge.

Here's what I would NOT design...

...a dress with cumbersome fish scales on the bottom. Imagine the dress with flowing layers rather than the silk tipped scales. An improvement, yes? Kenley's attitude was inexcusable. How dare she talk back and get cocky with Tim! And she snapped at Heidi too. It was almost karmic when she forgot the tulle back at Mood. I dont care how tough she's had it, how rough life has been for her. She is rude and that is not okay. Kenley, most in need of an attitude adjustment!

Leanne is sooooo serious and talks so slowly. But she is very talented! Except when she adds those pleats to everything. It reminds me of that Angela adding all those rosettes to every single piece of clothing or Rami's constant draping. I would have liked to see smaller pleats, if she insisted on doing them at all. And I agreed with Nina, the blue fabric in the back was totally unnecessary. Leanne, most in need of losing the pleats. And she needs a good hair cut too.

OOh this dress was innovative and cool. Congrats to Jerell. I know he ran out of time to put the finishing touches on the dress, like maybe a little steam to get those wrinkles out. Sometimes he can be a tad showy and glittery with his designs but he's creative and fun. Jerell, most in need of a tee shirt to cover his sternum and chest. Those low cut shirts he wears have got to go!

There were a few challenges where I thought for sure Korto was going to win. This wasn't one of them. She could have done so much but lost where she was going with the design. The colors were nice but what she ultimately ended up with looked like a bowl of sherbet. Korto- most in need of a smile. She never looks happy!



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Kenley - daughter of Steamboat Willy...

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