Friday, October 24, 2008

Wicked Lovely by Smashbox

Wicked Lovely conjures up images of dark mystery and beauty, a sort of good vs. evil. Which is brilliant for a cosmetics campaign. You can be sweet yet naughty. I tried two items from this collection, both on the sweet side. First up is a lip gloss in a very pale pink- called Sweet. And Sweet it is. When I'm kicking it at home and maybe running to pick up the kids or talking a walk around the 'hood, I wear this. I love the feeling of gloss on my lips. Or else I lick my lips which is a whole other post on lip care. Sweet gives me the gloss and shine with minimal color. Add in some rosy cheeks and its a very...yes sweet look.

Only in recent years have I begun to appreciate concealer. There comes a time when a bit of foundation simply doesn't go the distance. You need more to cover the flaws. Enter concealer. I dot this on my dark circles, pimples, scars from pimples that I couldn't leave alone. Concealer is a girls best friend. The Wicked Lovely Camera Ready Full Coverage concealer has a light pinkish tint to it which makes my eyes look way brighter and better than usual. Your tip of the day is to dot the concealer around the eyes and lightly dab eye cream over it. This prevents the makeup from sinking into the fine lines around your eyes. Trust me, we all have them. The pink of the concealer make you look alert and rested, even if you stayed up late looking up old friends on Facebook instead of sleeping. Not that I'm talking from experience.

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