Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Women in Hollywood

What an amazing dress! Kate Beckinsdale is a Greek goddess in this gown even though she's British.

Her face has changed so much since the beginning of her career! Nicole Kidman looks like she was carved out of marble- or carved by the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon.
What are these two laughing about? Tom Cruise and the lifts he wears in his shoes?
Is it me or does Nicole's hair look weird- greasy.

BFF! I hope Leah Remini isn't trying to convert Jennifer Lopez into drinking barley water and being hooked to an emeter! Watch out for Xenu. He's coming for you.

Just your typical Souther California girls...except not. Is that J.Lo's "sultry" face?
Its the Real Housewives of Hollywood.
Chelsea Handler is probably taking notes for her show. Getting some good one liners based on the beauties at the event.

Halle Berry doesn't have many off- days. She is near perfection.

Gorgeous. Kerry Washington and Eva Mendes.

Ever since Sheryl Crow took up with Lance (I know they've broke up) she's been hardcore with the exercise. Check out her arms! Courteney Cox looks great in that shade of blue.

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