Thursday, November 06, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Next time, may I suggest waterproof mascara? Amy Winehouse is a mess. Entertaining to watch but a train wreck just waiting to happen. Or should I say a crack train?

Scarlett Jo. Newly married, I suppose I could call her Mrs. Ryan Reynolds.

Yes, this is one of the pictures from the photoshoot that's supposedly been photoshopped to the high heavens. You can't deny that Kate Winslet looks like Catherine Denueve here. With or without the erasing of any blemishes/dark circles/imperfections Kate may have, she is stunning.

I just love Julianne Moore's vibrant red hair. Her little girl Liv is the spitting image of her.

I never thought I'd see the day when Heidi Klum isn't looking gorgeous. I own the same get- up and have been wearing it all around town, truly a big hit at the grocery store. It's Clash of the Titans minus Harry Hamlin plus red lipstick. Winged cuffs and lace panties?

Well...Im a little speechless. I don't know the designer of the dress but I think it might be Apple. It does sort of look like an arts and crafts project using left over lace from Halloween, dish towels, gorilla glue and a stapler.
The general idea of the dress could be improved upon, like do we need see-through lace? And perhaps nude undies would have worked. Are the booties black and white or are they black boots with little white gym socks? Let me repeat my fashion mantra- when in doubt, a strappy black shoe will work. Oh Gwyenth. You laid a big fashion fart with this getup.

Glad to see Fergie is getting her exercise. I bet that weinie dog really sets the pace with those squat legs. I watched Dogs 101 on Animal Planet and they profiled these dogs. They like to go after badgers, burrow into couch cushions and dig up carpet. I like saying it: weiner dog.

Gretchen Mol is super cute. I love that she's an actress and she's beautiful but she's not all up in your grill. I dislike her sons name: Ptolemy. I would totally pronounce an exaggerated P just to be annoying.

Eva Mendes. You know I think she's lovely. Her hair looks fantastic although her face looks angry. Grrrrrrr.

Christina Applegate on set of Samantha Who? I didn't watch the show until recently and now Im a fan. Its funny and cute and she wears great clothes. My heart breaks over her breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy. Thankfully she's healthy now.
Chloe Sevigny. Such an independent spirit! I love that about her. She's not traditionally pretty but she's got a look that's unique and an uncompromising style and I dig it. I can't believe she dated that guy with the greasy hair who looks like he has a raging case of syphilis though. Vincent..something. He sold his sperm on ebay. Do you think it was sent FedEx and packed with dry ice?
Angie Harmon is pregnant with her third child. Yay Angie! She looks great in this hip black dress although its clearly missing a sleeve. Maybe Gwenyth can whip something up real quick.


Blogger Roxy said...

Gwynnie's wearing Antonio Berardi. It's the "bones/skeletal" look that's supposed to be super trendy. See post here:

Hope you don't mind my link, recognized the dress instantly.

6:15 PM  
Blogger CINDY BOKMA said...

Oh Roxy...Im not a fan of that dress. At least on Gwyn. Maybe on someone else with different shoes...?


7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noooo, Gwynnie's dress is by Narcisco Rodriguez, the fellow who designed the late Caroline Bessette Kennedy's wedding dress:(
This was mentioned on tv 2x yesterday, different shows.

5:33 AM  

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