Sunday, November 09, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

You know, I've only walked a red carpet once or twice but now I think I have a new way of approaching it. A new position to test out next time I find myself in front of photographers and fans. Jack Black, thank you for showing me a most graceful way of posing. I've been doing it all wrong.
Stop what you are doing! What's more important than gazing at Angelina Jolie's post-twin body? Her legs are so long and snappy, like uncooked spaghetti noodles.

Mischa Barton makes some rather unusual fashion choices like this green Snuffleupagus inspired skirt. I wouldn't know whether to lay down in it or pet it.

Either this is a very perculiar camera angle or Victoria Beckham's head is growing.

Yeah, Suri is cute and all of that but Katie looks completely exhausted 100% of the time! I find myself feeling a wee bit sorry for her for being under Tom's lock and key.

I'd hate to stand next to these two for fear I'd look like a character from a horror movie. Nicole "botox" Kidman and Charlize "weed smoker" Theron will star in a film together.

Perhaps this butt grazing lace- up dress was purchased from Frederick's of Hollywood? Sienna Miller looks like she might be trying out to be in the next Girls Next Door. She certainly has experience-- with lots of men.

Oh Meg Ryan. Always appears slightly disheveled and pale. Like Kirsten Dunst. Lumpy and kind of wrinkled. To be fair though, Kirsten is rather pretty in real life.

I don't know of one female who isn't planning on seeing Twilight. Now, I hear the secret to Rob Pattinson's cuckoo hair is that...he doesn't wash it. You think thats product in his hair? Its a build up of oil, dirt, and whatever else you can imagine. I bet smells disgusting!
The skin and hair are amazing! Uma Thurman looks gorgeous. What are her secrets to such lovely skin?

That's pretty bold of Kate Moss to wear such teeny shorts. If I wore those, which I wouldn't, but if I did, Im quite certain people would point, stare, laugh and gag. Maybe even retch a little.

Even in pregnancy, Jennifer Garner has a very low key minimalist style.

I'm kind of digging Hillary Duff's boots. I like her whole outfit. I couldn't wear leggings unless my shirt came down to my knees (see Kate Moss, above) Hillary looks cute. I'm debating whether or not to abandon my usual pink lip gloss for some red lipstick- like Hillary- this season.

Ahh, now we know where Marilyn Manson's old contact lenses went! Courtney Love is looking a little Amy Winhouse-ish.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snuffleupagus? Soooo funny:)))))

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is your problem? making fun of courtney love! you think you are so funny because you are making fun of a women whos husband is dead and everybody thinks she killed him while he commited suicide and that is why she is so down! well guess what, it doesn't! it just makes you pathetic..

12:40 PM  
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