Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Fergie- more on her later, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. I love Sarah's eye makeup. Heavy black liner, false lashes with a hint of bronze color.

The Girls Next Door are moving on, so sad! Here's a little tear for Hef. Kendra is getting married, no more of her rapid gunfire giggle. And Holly is dating that Criss Angel magician dude who also dated Cameron Diaz. What's Hef going to do? Right, twins!

Christina Aguilera changed her style just a tweak by adding clip- on bangs. I guess I admire her ability to...look kind of cartoony and not care what people think of her.

Get used to seeing the kids from Twilight everywhere from now until after the new year. These three will be in the magazines, in commercials, and on television, basically you won't be able to get away from them. You might as well give yourself over to the power of Rob Pattinson's hair now.

Aww look at little Cruz, all dressed like a guide from the zoo. When she gets tired of strolling around, Victoria can fold herself up and get into her oversized bag! Tie the balloon to the handle and it will take her where she needs to go. I do like her boots. She can leave those here for me.

Keith Urban looks like he might share the same hair highlighting technique/shades as Billy Ray Cyrus. Nicole Kidman is back to getting regular botox injections. Her forehead is smoother than a window pane. Her brows are bordering Chola territory and her hair looks a wee bit crispy from the hair bleach. What happened to the lovely red color she sported years ago? If she went natural, I believe she'd look younger.

Wow! Nicole Richie looks fabulous. Her forehead looks tanner than the rest of her face but I'm not going to pick her apart. I love the eye makeup and hair extensions.

Mischa Barton is a conglomerate of ruffles and pleats. I'm not sure what's going on with her costume? It might be leftover from the wardrobe department of Sweeney Todd.

Michelle Tractenberg looks like a wax figure from Madame Toussads. Her skin needs a pop of blush. I'd feel more comfortable if she had more color in her cheeks. I like that necklace and her eye makeup looks great.

You know I always say Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid. Maggie and Peter are going for wild and earthy look. Peter took a week to rough it on the mountain, hunted down some animals (bad! very bad!). He wore flannel and boots and lived off the fruit of the land like a lone wolf man. Then he brought back a few pelts which Maggie sewed to form a very furry, almost Muppet- like vest. He didn't shave because if he had, then the look wouldn't have made complete sense. He should have worn a matching sweater or scarf.

It's a nice cool November day, perfect for a sweater, jeans and open toe boots? These don't make sense to me. Katie Holmes, wear some real boots that will keep your feet warm! These shoes make as much sense to me as crotchless underpants. Or chaps.

I am so over the Jen-Angie-Brad- who did what to whom saga. Over it!
When I saw Jen in person, my jaw almost dropped. She is so lovely and small and pretty which beautiful hair. She reminded me of some mythical creature that you only hear about like the Loch Ness monster. Everyone was catching glimpses of her like she was magical and would poof! disappear at any moment.

These three HSM hooligans? Ashley, Zac and Vanessa. I think Zac seems like the type to wear makeup and get his nails buffed. I will say that Vanessa has great legs and I prefer Ashley with her blonde hair.

Tim McGraw needs to pull a John Travolta and get some hair plugs already. The hat schtick is getting old. I know some women go crazy over Tim McG but I don't get flustery over him. In fact, quite the opposite. Faith Hill is gorgeous but the dress calls for a long chunky necklace.

Let's talk about Angelina's twins hiding in the top of Fergie's dress. What's up with that? I think she's suffocating something in there! Yikes. I suddenly feel like bowling...
Emmy Rossum is looking very gold and purple all over!

Debra Messing usually appears at these functions looking very pulled together. I like the dress but wonder what are we looking at where you can see through the dress? She might have worn a nude slip or something and a neat vintage shawl would have been pretty. Her toes are busting out of the peep in her peep -toe shoes.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a clever's column was witty and hilarious -- especially the Victoria Beckham and Mischa Barton comments. Just soooo funny!! Loved it.

5:59 PM  
Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

LOL! I read Fergie gained weight for a all went to her boobs. She's still so pretty, I love that dress.

11:23 AM  
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