Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Sarah Michelle Gellar...I don't mind the pants. In fact, from the ankles up everything is cool. But you can't put fancy shoes with casual pants! Hello, that's basic Fashion 101. Its too much, you have to keep it all in the same fashion genre, if you will. A boot or chunkier shoe would be better.

Rachel Leigh Cook is cute. Check out the neat butterfly purse! I've got my eye on it. It would be perfect with my pink sweater and dark jeans.

I think Cameron Diaz aged about five years in this photo! She must be trying to bring the blonde hair to a darker shade but coupled with the bat wing collar and dark lipstick, she's looking Housewives of Orange County old.

Nicole Richie looks smashing in that bright blue. Several years ago I bought a Cover Girl eye liner called Cobalt Blue. I looked very early 80's chic whenever I applied it. It was the exactly color of Nicole's dress. Not my best look, I admit.
I kind of want to do something else with her hair, it's a bit flat on the top.

Cute ! Taylor Swift looks perfect and age appropriate in this ensemble.

My fashionista icon, Rachel Zoe! Oh how I've missed her show. I hope Bravo brings it back and soon. I need my fashion fix and I need Rachel to give me a few more catchphrases to add to my repitoire.

If you are young and hip and your name is Rihanna, then I think you can get away with wearing these rubber leggings. If you're a middle aged soccer mom with a cellulite problem, then you must apologize to everyone in your path for causing them undue distress from looking at your rubber clad thighs.

When Jessica Biel wants to, she can look so pretty! Yes on the hair and makeup. I'm undecided about the dress. I think the top portion needs to be hiked up a bit. I like the idea but not the execution.
First of all, she's wearing pumps again. Second, Paris Hilton is in her twenties, thats beyond the point where you are matchy-matchy with your clothes, shoes etc. Did we do that in the 80's? I don't think so. The purse and sunglasses look even more childish than Hannah Montana accessories from Libby Lou.

The photo might be of Melanie "Botox-Plastic Surgery Addict" Griffith but the real star of the shot is the lady on the right. She must be an America's Next Top Model fan, look at how she's smiling with her eyes, coyly looking over her shoulder. That's a Tyra Banks pose.

oh Kate- time to except that your feet are a size 8 not a 7. Kate Beckinsdale's toes are always hanging off the front of her shoes.

Carlos Leon and daughter Lourdes in New York City. I hope she's dressed in clothes from organically harvested material and those lace up boots better be faux leather! I wonder if Madonna imposes her strict rules on Carlos as she does with Guy. If I were either of them, I'd say yes to everything and do what I wanted. Processed food, polyester clothes, tap-water, Spongebob Squarepants movies...non-stop fun!

I love Carmen Electra's lemon chiffon gown! It's gorgeous. Two snaps for the accessories. Well done. Her hair on the other hand, is another story. We need to fluff it up on top. You know I'm from New Jersey and can't get enough of big hair.

Here's a trend that I hope never catches on...the fringled sunglasses! Thank you for demonstrating this monstrosity, Beyonce. It's like the trim on the edge of an area rug. Not for me or my sunglasses. You know her song about the single ladies? Then she holds up her hand and says "Put a ring on it!" It's been going through my head driving me crazy all day.

Benjamin Affleck in Africa. I can't wait for the day when I can hop aboard my private jet and bring food and other supplies to people who need help. Of course I'd stay in my four star resort and wear my designer Ralph Lauren safari togs.
Seriously, though, its a dream of mine to roll up my sleeves and pitch in where I can really make a difference.
Britney looks cute, I love her jeans. True Religion jeans are the best. They are super pricey but look flattering on everyone. I like Brit's hat, this is the way to wear a fedora, keeping it casual.


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