Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

All you need to know about Isla Fischer is that she stars in the upcoming film, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Here's the movie trailer:

Sarah Jessica Parker and Valentino. His skin is NOT a color found in nature. Its halfway between pumpkin and tangerine! I think he still uses Quik Tan from the 70's.

How crazy! This was my sexy pilgrim costume for Thanksgiving. Of course mine included the traditional pilgrim hat but everything else...identical! Leave it to Paris Hilton to copy me.

Its Miley! Its a felony! (you have to watch The Soup to get it) Miley and her twenty year old boufriend in their matching skinny pants. Don't you think twenty is a little old for a sixteen year old? I do! But twenty is just right for a thirty six year old.....kidding!
Naomi Watts is about to POP! Funny, she never officiallty announced her pregnancy. That could be a pillow in her sweater for all we know.

That beaded gown must be weighing down Nicole Kidman's delicate bones. I cannot come up with anything new to say about her light, pale hair and her translucent and botoxed face.

This is Hugh Jackman's wife, Deborah. Aside from the fact she looks like Phyllis Diller, lets talk about the shoes! NO NO NO! Not with a fancy little black dress. Those might be passable with pants but she needed to go with a sexy heel. Did Hugh not learn anything when he was on Broadway?

First, Wellies aren't cute in Los Angeles. They are adorable in London, in the rain. Maybe in New York when its drizzling. Second, I had a hair dresser tell me once that my hair was just like Heather Locklear's. Seeing this photo clarifies that comment- both of us have thin, frizzy, overprocessed locks.

Oh Britney. Hard to believe that this is the same girl on the cover of the Circus album. Shows you how valuable photoshop is. All you need is semi-decent lighting, a good blur filter and someone who knows how to touch up pimples and viola! Instant beauty.

Blake Lively is gorgeous and I love her hair. I know she gets it colored at the Lukaro salon in Beverly Hills. I'd love to get my hair colored there. I got the best hair cut from Luke O'Connor...anyway- Blake is stunning but that band-aid colored belt does no favors to the sweater and sequined skirt.
Beyonce is beautiful. But the dress leaves me feeling empty inside, like when I eat too many cookies. Is it a House of Dereon creation/atrocity? I have yet to see a pretty dress from there. If you deleted the poofy sleeves and went with a patent leather belt, even a sequined one, it would be an improvement over what looks like a janitor's tool belt with all kind of doo-dads dangling off it.

Anne Hathway's dress is reallly short! Thank goodness she's wearing tights. I realized today that I am too old and my thighs are not in good enough shape to wear short dresses without leggings/tights underneath.

Reese Witherspoon looking chic and warm in all black. Of course she's on a major press junket for her new movie. Thats why we see her everywhere.
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. They are a lovely couple. Do you think they get his and hers Botox in their foreheads?

Cindy Crawford is in amazing shape. She's forty one. Sometimes I think I'm not bad for thirty six. Then I see Cindy and remind myself that she has a trainer, personal chef, nutritionalist, yoga guru, massuer, that she's not sitting at her computer all day, every day...she has people to keep her looking good. I don' pass me another cookie.

Faith Hill-what can we say about her? She's talented, pretty, and I can find nothing wrong with her sweater and pearls.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please, no Kelly Ripa photos to ruin my morning-after Thanksgiving. Always primpring,preening, chipmunk smile, phony. Ugh.

8:13 AM  
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