Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Emanuel Ungaro for MAC

The beautifully soft, pink collection from Emanuel Ungaro is a must have for all of you MAC lovers out there. Have you seen this collection yet? Its worth a trip to your department store to play around with the colors. Im in love. Im such a pink fan.
The See-Through Lip Color is a deep, sheer pink. It reminds me of a stain with a little shine to it. I wonder if I could wear it as a blush. You know with MAC, anything goes. Im going to try it.
Pastel Emotion Lipglass is the best pale pink with a hint of shimmer. I am so addicted to light pink gloss and this one will be used on a daily basis. I love pink cheeks and pink lipgloss.
Pure Rose and Freckletone are the two Ungaro lustre lipsticks in this collection. I don't know which one I like more. Pure Rose is that pink shade that I gravitate towards (and topped with the lipglass is gorgeous) while Freckletone is a pale peach-yellow that I also like.
The lustre lipsticks are nice and creamy, imparting subtle color.
As for the eye shadows, you know MAC has great texture, consistency and the colors blend well, especially when you use a good brush. Mineral (purple-brown) and Soft Flower (pinky-coral) are two colors that I tested. I use Soft Flower very sparingly while Mineral can be used as an eyeliner with an angled brush, slightly dampened with a pinch of water.
For more Ungaro products, please visit the MAC site here!


Blogger Grayburn said...

I'm so sad that I missed this collection. Everything was sold out so quickly and I never got a chance to see them in person.

5:49 AM  
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