Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eye care, Skin care for everyone!

Here's a product that does it all. Roc Multi-Correction Eye Treatment diminishes dark circles, smooths wrinkles and gives your eye area a brighter appearance. This contains "Pure ROC Retinol concentrate" as well as anti-oxidant vitamins plus vitamin C. Roc is one of the best brands at a reasonable price that you can buy anywhere.

I never noticed much damage in the eye area until the last few years. Now I see that my eyes have dark circles, the skin is dry and sometimes my eyes look kind of droopy. Thankfully there are brands like Roc that can come to my rescue and make me look better!
I have a hard time finding really good, gentle eye makeup removers that don't leave a residue. One that I keep coming back to is by Avene. It smells lightly of roses and is more like a gel than a liquid so it will not run into your eyes or leave your eye lashes wet. For eye care, Avene also offers Soothing Eye Contour Cream and Ystheal Contour Care. Both can be used on the eyelids and under the eyes. I am very good about using eye creams every day and night and like these because they can be used all over the eye area without any irritation. Avene products use the Avene Spring Water to infuse natural radiance without any irritants. I've been using Avene for a while now and really like this brand.

Neutrogena has been around for ages and they keep introducing new products to their line- up of skincare. This is a fantastic brand that you can buy at any major drugstore and is reasonably priced. The Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Night Cream contains "Retinol SA plus Hyaluronic Acid that helps accelerate surface cell turnover with every use." I find this product to work well, it does not cause any irritations, it does not clog pores and the fact that it contains Retinol is a huge plus. I've been reading up on how important retinols are for healthy skin and using this product will help with cell renewal and collagen production- both important in fighting wrinkles!

If you haven't tried anything from the Body Deli, I urge you to do so. This stuff is the bomb! I love it, love it, love it! It's all natural and made without any harsh chemicals. If you want organic skincare, this is for you. Flash Flood gives combination/oily skin a surge of moisture but is light enough to to not clog pores. It has a delicious scent and contains anti-oxidants. I've been getting several reader requests for all natural skin care so I want to point you right to the Body Deli for organic, pure products that work. Every time I visit their website I see many, many things I want! I am such a lover of all things rose and they have this Rose Euphoria Body Souffle I am dying to get my hands on....

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Blogger Joanna said...

okay, now you've done it! I have to send you products because I've heard WAY toooooo much mushy gush. I gotta wooo you before I hear more gush about another cute brand.

;) I have lost your addy. Email me baby!


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Anonymous Eye Lasik said...

It is the best product I've found for taking care of my eyes, it's amazing all the benefits it contains.

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