Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lipstick and mascara

I had been dying to try the new L'oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara which features those nifty tubes around your lashes. My interest was primarily in the fact that the tubes slide off, eliminating the need to use an eye make up remover. Second, the lashes are supposed to be 80% thicker thanks to the white base coat which contains lash strengthening properties.
I bought myself a tube and the picture above is the result. Lashes are definitely thicker than usual. And I use a gentle cleaner (the Pur~lisse one I mentioned yesterday) and the tubes come sliding off looking like scraggly little mascara worms.

Here's a picture of my Yves St Laurent Rouge Volupte Radiant lipstick in the shade ofRed Temptation. I rarely if ever wear red lipstick but today I thought, why not? Gwen Stefani wears it and so should I. You should too.
This Rouge Volupte lipstick swipes on like a gloss, its consistency is very silky and soft. I have to blot it a smidgen so it doesn't look thick but the shade is gorgeous and the lipstick itself is creamy and long lasting.

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