Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Perfect hair in ten minutes

The first time I dyed my hair, I was about fourteen, maybe fifteen. This certain horrible, mean boy, who teased me during my entire childhood, made fun of my hair (among other things) and then and there, I decided I would color it. I was born with light blonde hair and throughout the years, my hair became darker and darker until it turned into that color which is neither blonde nor brown. I bought some kind of dye in Light Ash Blonde and over the utility sink in our basement, colored my hair. I read a Danielle Steel book while I waited for the color to develop, I remember it well. It was a long time ago and I haven't seen my real hair color since.

And that was the first of many, many, many hair coloring experiences I would have. I've tried all brands and colors and have made several trips to the professionals to fix my botched home jobs. Once my hair even turned swampy green. Another it turned orange.

The worst part of home hair color, besides the horrible smell, is always waiting those thirty minutes until you can rinse your hair. The ammonia makes the eyes water. Thirty minutes feels like forever. But now...comes something so revolutionary, something so fantastic, that I need a drumroll....It's Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice n' Easy.

This miracle hair color in a box develops in ten quick minutes, without the overpowering smell of chemicals. It comes with a nifty comb type applicator so you can comb the color through or if you prefer, use the pointy tip. The conditioner for after you rinse, makes your hair so soft and shiny. The mixture is nearly drip free, it's super easy to mix, comes in 20 shades and is the best, easiest home hair color I have ever tried. I love it. In fact, I just used it today! You can find Clairol Perfect 10 in almost every drugstore and online.



Blogger Grayburn said...

I think this is called Exell 10 in europe. I was thinking of trying this but I always passed it by. Maybe I will now!


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