Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pur~lisse Skin Care

Have you heard of Pur~lisse yet? This line of skincare combines Chinese beauty secrets with modern science resulting in skin care that is pure, natural and free from harsh ingredients. Pur~lisse, translated from the French words meaning Pure and Smooth, is not only super gentle, but contains things like French marine plants, vitamins, soy milk, peptides, seaweed extracts. Besides Blue Lotus, Pur~lisse also uses White Tea, a very rich antioxidant. White Tea properties help defend skin against cellular damage. Did you know that? Blue Lotus also contains antioxidants that "impart anti-aging benefits" to the skin.

I tested every product from this amazing line and what can I say? The Pur~lisse line is gentle and smells fantastic. The Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser and Makeup Remover cleaned my skin with out leaving too dry. As you know, many cleansers leave your skin feeling squeaky clean which is not a good sign. You want skin to be clean and soft, not dry and tight! Two thumbs up and four stars on everything from this line. Pur~lisse is wonderful.

The one item that I find particularly amazing is the Quadra Benefit Eye Serum. This is like silk! The texture of this is so soft, I can't describe it. I gently pat it over my eye area day and night. It doesn't make my eyes tear up and it is absorbed quickly without being greasy. It's like liquid gold to me.

Other products- and might I point out that they really are gentle to the skin and nourishing- include:
Hydra Balance Moisturizer (not greasy!)
Essential Daily Moisturizer spf 30 ( I apply this to my hands and neck, it smells good)
Age Delaying Serum (not sticky! as serums can be)
Ultra Skin Brightening Serum (I love it)
Daily Lip Nourisher (use it daily so my lips don't get chapped)

If you are prone to chapped lips in the winter months then you must get your hands on the Daily Lip Nourisher. Mine is right here so I can apply throughout the day as I sit at my computer. So many girls I know have sensitive skin, if you do then you should absolutely give this brand a look! For more on Pur~lisse click here.