Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shopping it up at The Cube

This is not me. This is from the Marshall's site. But I'd wear everything from head to toe.

I was invited to an event last weekend but didn't have anything to wear which is pretty much what happens when I go anywhere other than Target. I look at my clothes which takes up 91% of the closet and decide that there's nothing available and I must go shopping. Okay, thats not entirely true. I can always cobble an ensemble together but new clothes feel so much better.

I drove over to Marshall's to check out their offerings. They have a new area in the store called The Cube. Its in the junior section and is sectioned off by vividly pink cubes and pink accents. This is where you will find the hip, happening clothes. I love to shop in places like Marshall's for trendy tops and accessories because I know I can spend under twenty dollars and walk out with something thats in fashion. My rule is to buy a few key trendy pieces for the season to mix into what I already have. Lately it's been all about skinny jeans and you can never go wrong with a funky top, scarf or hat. If you really have very few dollars then buy some cheap jewelry and add a large ring and a set of silver bangles to your outfit.

Back to the The Cube. I assumed, as I scoped out the outer perimeter of the area, that this would be the designer section where they sold pricey jeans, expensive tee shirts and Juicy sweatshirts but I was wrong. I perused the racks with the serious attention of a fashion scholar, and didn't see anything outrageously priced. I'm very frugal when it comes to spending money on clothes. I don't wear my clothes for years and years and don't like to overspend. Sneakers, yes. Shoes, perhaps. I was thrilled to see that even though the clothes were super cute, in style and hip, most items were under twenty dollars.

I ended up buying three tops from The Cube- one was a paisley tank for $3.99 which I wore that evening with a black pencil skirt, a $7.99 black shirt with lace detail and another shirt for $9.99. I found some Levi jeans for $16.99 but they were missing a button so I put them back.In The Cube, they have some shoes, scarves, purses and hats. If you have trouble putting clothes together, then you can shop here and feel confident that what you find will be in style. I found much more but I'm trying to watch my spending (aren't we all?).

Even if you aren't a "junior" like myself- my mother has pointed out that it's time to officially shop in the "women's" section- you can always discover a neat tee shirt or blouse or accessory to pump up the volume on your ensemble.



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