Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Cute family...Jen, Ben and Violet. Baby #2 is due soon! They're adorable but Ben always looks irritated.

Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell at Disneyland. Dax wears the same expression as when I'm at Disneyland- when you are soooooo tired of standing in a forty minute line for a three minute ride.

Paz Vega, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes. I love Eva's dress, she looks fab! My husband and I once argued about Paz Vega in a movie. He insisted she was Penelope Cruz, of course I knew better. What is Scarlett wearing? She just got married and has already turned into a frumpy haus frau?

Back/side angle of Angelina. She looks so bony! I'm sure all the baby weight has dripped off of her but geez, she could use a few meals of lasagne, chicken parm and pizza. I want to be thin too but I don't want to jab my kids with my bones when I hug them. Look at her wrists!

Front view! Now we can discuss Brad's mustache. Ugh. He looks like an extra from Boogie Nights. The tie, the shirt...who picked out his clothes? Surely Maddox has better taste than that!

Love Triangle! Rob Pattinson is with Camilla Belle who is rumored to be dating Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers fame. What!? Rob needs to date an older, more mature woman not some young chippy with big eyebrows!
Kristin Stewart of Twilight fame, with co-star Nikki Reed. What is she wearing? This is the slummy-chic that's so popular with starlets. The "I don't care what I look like" way of dressing. Check out her shoes! Usually you just see old men playing chess in the park wearing those. You can find the slipper/shoes at either the dollar store or sale bin at the drugstore. Dirty hair, no makeup...trust me, you see this all over Hollywood but when I try to pull it off I look like I'm running a fever.

Lindsay Lohan appears to be wearing one of those beanie hats with the umbrella attached.

Jennie Garth is so cute with her daughters. She's not wearing any makeup and looks very young. Jennie should eschew the Botox needles that she's admitted to and go makeup free. Takes years off!

Cameron Diaz has a neat style. I think out of all the celebs, I dress like her the most. Or maybe I'm delusional. I almost bought a pair of rubbery looking leggings then put them back thinking I was years too old for that trend. But with a long cardigan and boots, it might work. Cameron and I are so alike! And we both dated Justin Timberlake...not!

Awwww....Rebecca Romijn Stamos is an adorable pregnant woman! You can practically see the twins in her belly. I like the satin jacket and peep toe flats.

Oh goodness! Kristin Davis would be okay in the long cardigan and Ugg boots. She's dressed for warmth and not style and that's okay... sometimes. But her Princess Leia buns have got to go! That hairdo only looks good if you are under six years old or your name is Gwen Stefani.

When you stand next to Sienna Miller and look big you know there's a problem. The very petite Keira Knightley is heavier than Sienna and both are about a size zero! Sienna needs the same high carb, high fat diet that I want to put Angelina on. How do you survive when you're so thin?

Eva Longoria better be coming back from a flight because this is how I travel. I want my own pillow and blanket next time I fly. I never put my head on those petri dish pillows that the airlines hand out. I always manage to find a pubic hair on the cheap blankets that everyone uses. Gross! Eva is dressed for comfort and that's how I roll when I travel. Get me my fedora and track suit!

Its like a real life Raggedy Ann Doll, heavy on the raggedy. Oh how I love Helena Bonham Carter. She doesn't care what she looks like, what she wears. She goes out wearing a gosh darn APRON for Pete's Sake. Helena is beyond any kind of fashion or beauty critique. She's truly in a category by herself. I don't know what category that would be however.

Next time you're out with the family, go ahead and dress like Dick Tracey! Apparently Victoria Beckham likes to wear clothes like a comic book spy on a casual day out.

Two snaps, a Hostess fruit pie and four gold stars for Diane Krugar. I like the simple white dress and the red lipstick.

Stop it! Ashley Olsen dressed in normal clothes that actually fit? Am I being punked?


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Ben does look irritated and Jen looks pensive. I don't think this is a happy couple, preggers or not.

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