Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Carmen took the hint and left the heavy makeup at home. She looks beautiful, as I mentioned before, with less makeup. Speaking of less is more...

...Posh must think the less she weighs, the better. Her spindle legs could snap at any moment. Again, I'm over the haircut. Its the new "Rachel" cut. We need a new power cut or else...

..we can pull a Rumer and wear some kind of beret. I'm not into it. Besides ditching the ever present hat, I would like her to get a safety pin and bring closure to her plunging neckline.

Dude, I didnt recognize Matt without the Airstream. Plus, he's not swinging on tree branches without his shirt. Well played Matteo! He may appear dressed- but in his mind, he's naked.

I see Madonna touched up her roots. A little Feria does a body good.

At first glance I wasn't sure about the blue eyeliner but why not?

The dress is a concern. Kate Hudson is always super cute but the dress makes her look pregnant and the ruffle makes her head look disconnected to her body.

I know how it is, the hormones are raging and you feel unattractive and you think a new coif is the answer. It isn't.

"Hey girlfriend!" Here's Eva (just drop the Longoria already) Parker at the premiere of her new movie. I spy some heavy concealer around the eyes!

Is that a pencil danging between her breasts?
Imagine being Rumer and having Ashton as your step-dad? I wonder if he calls her Rumertoid.

I bet Dita Von Teese wakes up with her red lipstick in place. Her boobs were done by Dr. 90210, Robert Rey. Her picture is hanging in his office along with pages from Head Lights magazine. Tail Lights too.

Denzel is an amazing actor but was incredibly rude to an Elle reporter in a recent interview. I have changed my opinion of him completely. Tsk tsk.

Matthew McConahoogy should have advised his baby mama to lose the belt. I guess he was too busy jogging on the beach, his tan skin glistening in the sun.

If youre going to have big hair, you might as well go full throttle. Amy Winehouse is in rehab, isn't she? Hey, love the tie! Very Stray Cats. Very retro.
Avril Levigne, or as I like to call her, April Levin, sipping an exotic drink somewhere. I'd like her to lose to Manic Panic stripe in her hair. Don't tell her I said that or she will kick my butt.

Call me crazy but I like these kids together. Ashlee is trying to distance herself from her sister with her new red hair color. Go Cowboys! I wonder if Pete and Ash share a flatiron or do they each have their own?

Why so down? Another Ash, this one Tisdale. Another nose job, this one a deviated septum. Both noses done by Dr. Kanodia.

Christina Snapplegate, Botox, Juvaderm or Restalyne?

I get this girl confused with the current crop of blonde actresses out there right now. Are they interchangable? Can I take one Diane Kruger and raise you an Ali Larter?

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aveda Comfort Tea

Long, long ago, I went to the Aveda store where they were giving out thimble sized samples of a most delicious tea. I never forgot about the tea and it's refreshing taste. I became a hot beverage addict during this winter and I started drinking hot tea all the time. I;m always looking for good tea. Aveda Comfort Tea is right up there on my list of favorites. Pizza from New York, (or New Jersey) croissants, hot bagels, coffee, SporTea and Aveda Comfort tea: can't get enough of these things.

Comfort tea is made from licorice root and peppermint, it sounds like an odd combination but the peppermint is soothing while the licorice root adds the sweetness. Its WONDERFUL, four stars, two thumbs up, couple of snaps and a skip. I make mugfuls of it through out the day and today I filled my water bottle with half boiled, half room temp. water and a tea bag and let it sit for a while. When I took the bag out, my big bottle had the flavor infused. Made drinking my 8 eight ounce servings of water so much more pleasant than usual.

You can buy this tea online at Aveda. com. It comes loose or in tea bags. Because I am especially lazy, I opt for the bags but I hear the loose tea is more flavorful.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Why so sad sugar? Jennifer Aniston has the best hair in Hollywood but she doesn't have...

...a baby to read books to. Jennifer Garner seems like a good mother.

Speaking of mothers, even Britney's mom has the "Posh" cut. I think Posh needs to get the "Rhianna" so we can start a new trend. I'm over the short wedge in the back, long on the sides look. Over it!

Every time I see a picture of Britney these days, I die a little inside. Her poor dog is begging the camera to be taken somewhere safe, like...

... inside that giant nest Amy Winehouse keeps on top of her head. Imagine if a dog just toppled out of there one day?

Tell me Jessica Biel hasn't had a nose job. I've never seen a real nose that's so sculpted. What ever happened to real beauty...

...nope, not going to find it here. Is that one of the Real Housewives of Orange County with her assistant? No, its Lindsay Lohan who is rapidly aging before our eyes. That's her teenaged sister! Speaking of aging...

...Madonna is years older but so much fitter than I will ever be. Tell me, are black roots a sign of youth?

And youth, ahhh. How old is this little creature anyway? MK Olsen will never look older than seventeen.

For Dry Skin- Theraplex

For your dry winter skin, I want to recommend Theraplex. I had never heard of this brand before but I got a chance to try out some samples and this is hard care skin softening lotions and creams.

Who doesn't have dry skin the winter? The air is cold, maybe you crank your heat up which inevitably results in dry flaky skin and static hair. I can't help the hair part but I can surely point you in the direction of Theraplex. This brand offers a product called ClearLotion which replaces moisture lost during bathing. It's a quickly absorbing oil that makes skin feel supple and velvety. I used the thick Emollient on my hands before bed and I liked this product as well.

For more information and to see what else Theraplex offers, click here.

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Pin Up Lip Balm

I love anything remotely old school glamour especially the pin-ups from the forties. I would have loved the curled hair and deliberate red lips, the cinched waists and the platform heels: this would have been my look had I lived in another era.

Here comes a product to remind me on a daily basis to embrace my inner pin up girl- Pin Up Lip Balm! These natural balms contain avocado butter, beeswax, apricot kernel oil plus vitamin E to keep your mouth well hydrated and soft. I tested the Lemonade which smells good enough to eat! Because there is no color and its pure natural ingredients, I reluctantly shared with my seven year old who has a case of chapped lips. Safe for kids, cute container, excellent packaging and adorable website, what more can you ask for?

Pin Up comes in Raspberry, Lemonade, Coconut, Vanilla, Grape, Peppermint, Mocha and Citrus.

Be sure to take a look at the Pin Up balm website for more information.


Calling all Jersey girls!

Hey Jersey girls, you are invited to the Short Hills Mall to get Lancome's Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes in advance. They will not be on counter until mid-March.

Want to experience what it’s like to be a Fashion Week model?

Lancôme invites you to get catwalk ready with Fashion Week and Celebrity Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Daniel Martin, Lancôme Spokesmodel Selena Breed, author of the acclaimed book “Violet on the Runway” Melissa Walker and the
Lancôme Backstage Makeup Team

WHEN: Friday, February 1, 2008
TIME: 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: Lancôme The Boutique 1200 Morris Turnpike Short Hills, NJ 07078
Gift Bags, Mocktails and Cupcakes!

Enter to win a luxurious prize!
(Please include full name, phone number and that you are
RSVPing for the New Jersey event)
Be the first to…
Get your hands on limited edition Juicy Tubes created by hot London Fashion Designer Christopher Kane. Read Melissa Walker’s newest book “Violet by Design.”
Get the hottest beauty looks for spring, straight from the artists who worked backstage.
Receive a complimentary copy of “Violet by Design” and an official Lancôme Backstage t-shirt with any purchase of a limited edition Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes and a Lancôme Mascara.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Up close and personal, stars of the Red Carpet

Rebecca Gayheart, she has gorgeous eyes and nicely shaped eye brows.

I want to find the exact shade of Marcia Cross's lipstick. A lovely redhead, she looks best in light peachy colors.

Don't flatten out the boobs Kate!
The wings remind me of a spread eagle airbrushed on a Camaro circa 1984.

Can a forehead be that smooth? Kate Beckinsdale's cheeks and lips are so pink and pretty.

Million dollar smile- America Ferrara. She is naturally beautiful, no plastic surgery needed.

Just Jared has some fantastic photos of the SAG actors. Check it out!


High Glamour with NARS- Night Series Palette, Lip Stain and Gloss

Everything you need to create a dramatic eye is right here in this palette. Check out the colors-beautiful aren't they? You can combine these shades to make a really outstanding blend of shadows. Go for a smokey eye with the darker hues or keep it light with the lilac. I love the look of the frosty white (Night Snow) on my lid, the dark (Night Fever) along the lash line and a hint of sheer peach (Night Star) on my brow bone.

Lip Gloss/Lip Stain Duo

This double ended gloss gives you two colors that stand alone or work together for glamorous lips. The darker color is a stain and only a little bit is needed. The color is rich and deep while the other side is a lighter shade of gloss. There are several different combinations but my favorite is Turkish Delight/ Sayonara. Turkish Delight is a pale shiny pink while Sayonara is a dark ruby, together this combo gives your mouth a pout worthy of the Red Carpet. This is a versatile product - wear the lighter color for day and when it's time to glam it up, turn it around and use the darker, more matte shade.
Check out the 2008 Collection on the NARS website.

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Get her look: America Ferrara

With the help of celebrity makeup artist Vanessa Scali, America went for a soft, modern take on Hollywood glamour.

To complement America’s form fitting, gunmetal grey Monique Lhuillier gown, Vanessa opted for a soft burgundy-colored pout. Vanessa first used Lancôme Raisinberry Le Lipstique. Vanessa loved the sheer texture and America appreciated the staying power of the lip product. Next, Vanessa used Lancôme Color Fever Gloss in On Fire on America’s lips for shine and luminosity. Vanessa advised America to make sure to touch up with the gloss before hitting the red carpet and attending the after parties.

When it came to the eyes, neutral colors were used to create a soft monochromatic visage. Using colors from Lancôme Couture Warms and Stylish Neutrals eight-pan eye shadow palettes, Vanessa softly shaded the shape of America’s eyes. Lancôme’s black liquid Artliner was used to make America’s eyes pop, while Cils Booster XL mascara base and the new High Définicils mascara gave her lashes a major boost, while lengthening, separating and defining them for a clean, beautiful look.

Inspiration: Soft, modern take on Hollywood glamour
Lips: Le Lipstique Lip Coloring Stick in Raisinberry and Color Fever Gloss in On Fire
Eye Shadow: Couture Warms Palette and Stylish Neutrals Palette
Eyeliner: Artliner in Noir (precision point liquid eyeliner)
Mascara: CILS Booster XL (super-enhancing mascara base) and
High Définicils High Definition Mascara


Get her look: Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo looked gorgeous. I never noticed how very pretty she actually is with lovely even features and a fanciful hair do. Well done! You can create the same look with these tips:

Joanna Schlip's Makeup for Ellen Pompeo

INSPIRATION: Christian Lacroix Fashion Show

Armani Silk Lumious #4
Concealer: Cle de Peau #2
Powder: Physicians Formula Organic Wear in Translucent Light Organics, $13.95, available at mass-market and drugstores nationwide.
Physicians Formula Organic Wear in Pink Organics, $11.95, available at mass-market and drugstores nationwide.
Lips: Physicians Formula Plump Palette in Mauves, $7.95, available at mass-market and drugstores nationwide.
Lip Pencil: Sub Culture by MAC

Liner: Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker in Warm Black, $6.95, available at mass market drugstores nationwide.
Eye Shadow: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips for Blue Eyes, $9.95, available at fine drug and mass-market stores nationwide.
Mascara: Prescriptives False Eyelashes in Black
Eye Brow Pencil: Physicians Formula Brow-Tweez 3-in-1 Dark Blonde, $7.95, available at fine drug and mass-market stores nationwide.

How Joanna Schlip created the look:

Began with clean, well-moisturized skin.

Applied foundation with a brush then powdered to have a modern matte finish.

Added a pop of pink blusher, which gave her complexion a believable, fresh glow.

Brows were kept natural with only a slight definition at the arch with a dark blonde eye brow pencil.

Lashes were curled to open the eyes and then two coats of mascara were applied to both lower and upper lashes for high impact.

Eyes were defined with a smoky shimmer steel grey eye shadow.

Lightly lined along top lash with a warm black liner.

Lined below lower lashes with same shimmer shadow and smudged with custom angled applicator.

Lips were feminine and pretty, lined with a nude pencil and filled in with a beautiful semi-sheer rose lip stick.

SAG Awards

I think Sandra Oh is such a cutie. Before you bash on her gown of choice, let's think about this. I'm sure she got up in the morning and had something light to eat followed by a cleansing of some sort. There was probably a facial and then a massage. Salad and wheatgrass juice, a shot of Botox under the arms to stop sweating. There was a professional make-up artist on hand, a hairdressers and a stylist. Everyone did their jobs while sipping champagne out of crystal flutes.

Sandra had a slew of people, I am quite certain, to help her look good and get her out the door and into a waiting limo. Stretch Hummer maybe. With one last look in the mirror, she might have questioned the asymmetrical bow which looks like it's winking at us. But after a full day of prepping and pampering, she was feeling confident! And then hoards of bloggers who know not a lot about awards shows are dissing her gown. I'm not going to do it. I'll say something nice- I like her updo.

Was there a trend this year? I saw everything from bright colors on Nicki Blonski, Kate Beckinsdale to Rebecca Geyheart to silver and gold on Debra Messing, Christina Applegate, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Ellen Pompeo. A sort of whirlwind of neutrals on possibly pregnant Angelina Jolie. Black always works, like the dresses that Tina Fey and Cate Blanchett chose to wear.

Here's a great montage of dresses. Believe you me, I would not be wearing a dress like Debra Messing where the chest area is completely flat. I'd stuff the cutlets down my Wonderbra and go strapless. Its kind of funny that its abbreviated SAG when you know that no one in show business wants to sag.

onnotheydidnt photo credit


Friday, January 25, 2008


Stila is full of whimsy, pretty colors and fabulous quality cosmetics which I have long been a fan of. It all started with a single tube of gloss purchased at Garden State Plaza (shout out to Jersey) when they first opened a Nordstrom so many years ago.

A few not to miss items that are out for your cosmetic pleasure, are the Cherry Crush cheek and lip stain, eye shadows and stellar liquid liner.

Let's start with Cherry Crush. I will let you in on a secret. When I get up in the very early morning to take my kids to school, I don't have the time for full face makeup. I roll out of bed, slide into some comfy clothes and use a dab of cheek stain on my face. If I go back to bed to get more sleep, take a walk or just hang out, then at least I have color on my cheeks. If I go back to bed, the stain won't come off on my pillows. I love it.

Cherry Crush smells like fruit and contains cherry and pomegranate extracts. It reacts to each person's body chemistry differently so we all have our own personal hue suited to our complexion. For me, it gives my lips a pink stain and creates a rosy, long lasting glow on my face.

The above eye shadow pan is called Marrakesh and the
pink purple below is called Montemart.

Four smooth colors in one sleek mirrored pan. The colors were especially designed to work together and blend nicely so it takes the guess work out of which colors to wear on your lids. Of course each color is lovely on its own.

Who doesn't love a good eyeliner? This bullet shaped liquid liner has a soft tip like a magic marker. It allows you to draw on a dramatic line above those eyelashes. Very Angelina. Or Amy Winehouse if that's your look. Recently I started using a pencil on my lash line then I follow it with liquid liner. This makes the liner last all day long. I'm such a huge fan of Stila's Smudgepots but Im really into this eyeliner now.

For more information, go to Stila's website. Check back frequently as they always have awesome collections coming out! And I have to mention that they are having a huge 50% off sale that you don't want to miss, lots and lots of good stuff!

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