Friday, February 29, 2008

Leaving for vacation and I must take these...

I'm getting ready to go somewhere sunny and fabulous. It takes me several days to pack and I'm not kidding. I cant forget to pack my Avada volumizing tonic which I've been using daily and loving because I'm a fan of gigantic hair.

I need a suitcase for shampoos, conditioners and my multiple beauty products and potions. Another bag to hold my shoes- strappy heels, flip flops, ballet flats and leather gladiator sandals plus sneakers because I hope to exercise. The last suitcause will contain my clothes, lots of clothes so that I'm well prepared for any event or occasion. The following are new products that I will be tucking into one of my many bags!

I had never heard of this brand before I reviewed it and I'm happy to introduce it to you. Meet Noodle and Boo, a gentle line of products that cater to sensitive skin. Perfect for baby and mom. I'll be sending a package to Angelina Jolie's new baby when the time is right.
I really like the pretty packaging and the deliciously clean, soft scent of the products. I've been using the Glow Scrub and lotion and I will take the sunscreen with me on vacation.
Noodle and Boo is all very "green" and eco friendly with recycled packaging and biodegradable products which I know you care about because we all love our Earth. You are going to love the Glowology line. You might buy this for your children but end up using it for yourself.

I was standing around chatting outside yesterday when my Essie glosses were delivered. I tore the box open right there in my driveway, that's how excited I was. I would have used my teeth to loosen the tape if I had to. I immediately applied the gloss, I was that thrilled to test it out. The Essie glosses are so smooth and hydrating. I didn't even have to find a reflective surface to check out my glossy lips, I knew from the consistency and texture that this was a winner.
I know you probably love Essie nail polishes (I'm a big fan of those) and now you add the glosses to your list of must-haves. Fed Up (pale pink), Ballet Slippers (pale neutral pink)Mademoiselle (bright sheer pink), Tea and Crumpets (medium pink), Waltz (clear) and Vanity Fairest (sparkly pink)- all these colors are super glossy and are water resistant. That means you can swim and take a shower and do other water activities and still have a glossy mouth. That's priceless! Here are the glosses.

We all love Tarte's cheekstains. These long wearing stains give you rosy cheeks for hours and come in very complimentary colors to give you a healthy glow. Full Blossom is the latest in the cheekstain family. Chock full of healthy ingredients, this neutral pink/red swirled stain can be used straight from the container or you can use a brush to apply like a regular blush. I was doubtful when I tried it but it works. Use your favorite blush brush and apply this to the apples of your cheeks! Each purchase of the Full Blossom stain goes to assist
the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest.
I remember the days when I used to use the cheap sponge applicators that came with eyeshadows, the terrible blush brushes that always accompanied pans of cheap blush. I'd read in beauty magazines the important of using the correct brushes and tools and I'd scoff. Well, I was wrong. It's really true that you get a better look when you use higher end brushes. That old brush you've been using, given free with purchase, can be tossed. Billy B is one of the most sought after makeup artists in the universe and he's got a line of fabulous brushes not to metnion an eye lash curler that works miracles.
You can keep your Billy B brushes in the Brush Roll which is a convenient pouch that houses the brushes, it rolls up easily which makes it perfect for when you are on the go. Here's what I love about the brushes: they are lightweight- nothing unyieldy or hard to handle. The bristles are very soft don't fall out leaving you with black hair on your face. The handles are smooth and fits perfectly in the hand. The eye brushes allow for detailed application. These are really top of the line products and your makeup application will go smoother with better tools. You'll look more professionally made up with evenly applied blush and powder plus contouring is easier when you have better tools. You wouldn't think of Van Gogh painting Starry Night with a toothbrush would you? You're the artist, your face is the canvas and the tools are what makes the magic happen.
For more on these, click here Billy B Brushes

Here's the ideal products to get your chompers white for spring. A spring cleaning if you will. I've professed my love for SuperSmile toothpaste many times. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can use this whitening system which includes a whitening accelorator plus the beloved toothpaste.
I use SuperSmile to give my teeth a nice white sheen. It really helps when all you drink is tea and coffee because your teeth start to resemble the hue of a potato chip. SuperSmile whitening system will have you looking like a supermodel in no time. The accelorator speeds up the whitening process while the toothpaste cleans your teeth.
Eau Thermale Avene
I am all about the sunscreen these days. For so long I went without it. I didn't think it was bad to go outside without slathering a generous amount of SFF60 on my pale skin. Remember the days when using Hawaiian Tropics SPF 4 was enough? Now there are so many sunscreens on the market from the drugstore brands to the higher end brands like this one. Eau Thermale Avene is a skin care brand that is formulated with thermal spring water from southern France. That's enough to make you a fan, no?
Avene has a whole roster of intriguing products and I have the Sunscreen Spray SPF 20 and the Creme which provides an SPF 50. I love the spray because its a no brainer- you spray and go. The creme takes more time to apply but obviously its worth it. This brand is geared towards those who have sensitive skin and products will not clog pores.

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Daily Dollfaces

Tell me where I can get my personal umbrella handler like Rebecca Romijn? Holding your own umbrella is so taxing.

Well, where has Winona Ryder been hiding all this time? Remember when she was the hot thing in Hollywood? I loved her. Hard to believe she's almost 40!
Except for the enormous earrings and the length of the pants, I love Rihanna's outfit. The purple and yellow are fierce.

Paris is going punk now that she's dating that Madden guy. Avril Levigne is going to be so mad that Paris is dressing like her.

I love this hippie hobo style that Kate Hudson has going on but whenever I dress like this I feel huge and sloppy. I want to know if Kate's pregnant!
She's been linked to Justin Timberlake and Owen Wilson lately. Imagine the scandal if she didn't know who the Baby Daddy was?

I will be seeing the Shopaholic movie starring Isla Fischer as soon as its out. I adore Isla and the books were fabulous.
John Goodman? Can't wait to see him effect a British accent.

My mother had shoes like Mischa's when I was a little girl. Those shoes were one of the only things she kept from the late 60's. I loved dressed up in those ugly things and clomping around. I guess she's trying to match her shoes to her yellow hair?

I still can't tell these Olsen moppets apart. Umm, the one with the hat is Ashley I think because the other one's hair looks more ratty. Did you read People magazine's article about the billionaire twins? These girls live a weird life. Drugs, alcohol and partying sums it up.

My guilty pleasures include the Millionaire Matchmaker and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I try to guess how much plastic surgery everyone's had on the show. I think boobs and noses for sure. The mom must have had a tummy tuck or two (she's had six kids).

Gwen Stefani doesn't have to try very hard to look amazing. Whether she's in mom mode (above) or doing a photo shoot (below), the woman just has star power.
For all the pics from this photo shoot, head over to

Yuck! Elle Macpherson used to be gorgeous but here she looks like she should be rolling on top of a Camaro in a Whitesnake video.

It's been posted on alll the websites but I felt that it was necessary to see Angelina's bump one more time.
And soon you too can have a ratty weave like Amy Winehouse! You know Ken Paves is shaking in his snakeskin boots. Amy is rumored to be creating (and by creating, I mean snorting coke) a line of cosmetics and hair pieces. Brilliant. Every modern woman needs a jet black hive. I could use one instead of carrying around a purse. Think of the things you could fit in there.

This is from the Oscar's rehersal last week. Jessica Alba without makeup is worth posting.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One night and I'm still recovering!

we's clubbin' y'all!

Hollywood stylist Joey Tierney and actress Jaime Pressly

Last week, I went to club Opera for the Little Black Dress wine company and the charity group Clothes Off Our Backs. They were honoring Hollywood stylist Joey Tierney. I was excited to attend a night time Hollywood event and it was a chance to step out of my mommy clothes, dress up all fancy and scope out the scene. This doesn’t happen often. I get excited going out to dinner at In N’ Out Burger. Seriously. And that’s kind of sad. On the other hand, there’s much to be said about a delicious hamburger and animal style fries.

On our way to the party, I conjured up images of waiters twirling silver trays featuring exotic appetizers, mixed drinks with names I couldn't pronounce and a group of elegant industry insiders who would befriend me and sweep me up into the sequined bosom of Hollywood. I held my breath that my creativity would be discovered (somehow) and I would be the next Diablo Cody but with a less bawdy background. And lighter hair. And pinker lipstick.

If you've never been to a Hollywood club, the photo above of Britney should give you an indication of what it’s all about. Here's what you're missing: a dark interior pulsating with extremely loud music, women checking each other out, sexy girls with pin straight hair and short dresses, guys licking their lips at every babe in heels who walks by. And fur trimmed walls. Walls that I wanted to snuggle up with.

I expected Ms. Paris Hilshizzle to be dancing with an entourage but she didn't show up - at least not while we were there. I kept looking for the white light, the glorious halo that's supposed to surround Paris where ever she goes but I never had the pleasure. Not even an Olsen twin for my viewing pleasure that night! What kind of world is this when the singular evening I spend at a club and I don’t even see Paris, Nicole or an Olsen?

I did see Jaime Pressly, close enough to notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She is extremely buff and looked like a mannequin, she's also tiny and sported straight hair. There were lots of other actresses around but I did not recognize any of them because I’m out of the 18-26 demographic.

From my careful observations, the Hollywood club scene has its little pockets of certain people. You've got the hopeful starlet actress/models with their thermally conditioned hair and their teeny dresses and designer heels clutching their crystal studded cell phones. The hip Asians dressed in black with their flat ironed hair and eyeliner, the wanna- be actors with their gelled locks, sloppy shirts and skinny pants. The girls who don't want to care what people think but secretly do with their Katie Holmes/ Buster Brown hair and horn rimmed glasses and non-hip clothing. You've got the over- the- hill actress hopefuls who wear skimpy tops displaying their aging breast implants, with the platinum hair and too much makeup like no one’s ever told them that they look like Las Vegas female impersonators. Last we have the aging playboys with their feathered hair and unbuttoned shirts standing back watching tipsy girls gyrate on the dance floor.

After a couple of trips to the bathroom to actually go rather than touch up lip gloss and check cell phone messages, we were ready to hit the road. A single night of not very hard partying Hollywood style made me nap away the next couple of days to catch up on lost sleep. Get that? Days.

If there is a next time, I’ll dress up in a funky little dress, find the highest heels I can, stroll the red carpet and make a U turn. Then I’ll hit In N' Out Burger for a double double animal style and consider it a very good night.

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Going Tubing...

If you like your lashes on the natural side, not like you're dressing for a night at a tranny club, then Tube Your Lashes is your best bet. This cool new mascara coats each lash with little mini tubes. I applied this while looking in one of those magnifying mirrors which leaves you plotting a trip to the surgeon's for botox shots, and I could see the mascara kind of shrink-wrapped each lash which was interesting. The formula is non-drying and it seems gentle and non-irritating. Its very light in consistency and odor free.

I love this for a daytime look, when you want to slightly pump up the volume but not go all out for full face makeup. The lashes are coated with color but it's a natural, fluttery look. When it's time to remove the mascara, you don't need a cotton ball full of eye makeup remover. Simply use a little warm water and a soft washcloth, gentle pressure and those tubes come sliding off. You aren't left with mascara residue under each eye which is nice because who wants to look like they have bruised eyes?

For those of you who get emotional frequently, have no worries- this mascara is waterproof and will not smear or smudge when you cry. It won't flake or irritate your delicate eyes.
TubeYourLash mascara was in the Celebrity Swag Bags at the Entertainment Weekly Magazine's Oscar Party.

I'm wearing TubeYourLash right now I really dig it for my daytime, casual, totally kickback relaxed look. The website is super user friendly, check it out here.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Contest Winner!

Congrats to Caroline from Hoboken, NJ who won the FROWNIES-Jamais Bruno Restaurant Contest.

Stay tuned for more...


Get Jennifer Garner's Oscar Look!

I think Jennifer Garner always looks good whether she's playing at the park with her daughter or glamming it up on the Red Carpet. Of course she has people who know what they're doing applying her makeup; its not like she's slapping foundation on her own skin before heading out the door. Imagine having a team of people dressing you in diamonds, styling your hair and painting your face with the best cosmetics? Dare to dream...

I found the following on and thought it was good information, just in case we want to recreate her look, you know- for those Red Carpet moments in our own lives.

"Makeup artist Paul Starr’s first step in designing her Old Hollywood look was to create an all-important base with Chanel Teint Innocence foundation, $55, in Soft Beige. Next he made those famous brown eyes the focus. “I wanted to make them pop,” Starr says, “but I didn’t want to do anything that was too smoky.” He lined the upper lid with Chanel Intense Eye Pencil, $27, in Noir I, then used the Quadra Eye Shadow palette, $55, in Dunes to give her eyes further definition.
Starr worked the palette’s creamy taupe color from the inner part of the eye out to the center. Next he applied the beige-brown hue along the crease, and followed with a couple sweeps of Inimitable Mascara, $28, in Noir. The Juno star’s mouth was the final step. “Jennifer has the most beautiful lips in Hollywood,” Starr said, “so I really didn’t have to line them.” Instead, he used a brush to apply Rouge Allure lipstick in Tender, a pinkish-gold beige, $30, over the entire lip.

For an equally stunning coif, Fekkai Celebrity Hair Stylist Adir Abergel, went with his vision of a romantic, Edwardian look for Jen. He started by rubbing Fekkai Shape and Set Mist, $28, from the roots to the ends to change her hair’s texture, and followed by blow-drying it while using a round brush. Abergel then made a severe side part and followed by creating curls with a 1″ iron which he pinned back in a low knotted chignon twist at the side. He used a touch of Neutrogena Shine Serum, $7, on the ends of Jen’s bangs, and ensured the look would last all night long with a final spritz of Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray, $23. "


Monday, February 25, 2008

Picture Perfect Eyes and Skin!

I was so excited to try this Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener. I have been using this tube every day since I got it. I tucked it into my tiny purse when I went to a Hollywood party last week (more on that later). I needed to look my best and felt that tired eyes were a No-no.

I first use a dab of eye cream around the delicate area of my eyes then I apply the Smashbox Photo Op. This product offers a nice slim brush/ applicator which makes it effortless to use. All shadows, discoloration, and dark circles are gone...poof!

Vibrant C from Prescriptives will keep your eyes looking young which is important to me and probably to you too. I want to look twenty five all the time. This makes you look well rested if you haven't gotten your eight hours of sleep. All mother's and party girls alike can use this product! We all know whats it like to get up in the middle of the night or stroll in from a night out on the town. The next day, the eyes will always show your lack of sleep.

Vibrant C can be used morning and night so you actually wake up looking gorgeous.
It's an eye cream and brightener all in one. Keep it on hand at all times to reapply!

The Instant Gratification Skin Renewal Peel is so easy to use and you get satisfying results. Its as if you got a professional facial. Use a small amount of this product, spreading it all over your face. The peel has a slightly gritty texture but nothing irritating. Wait five minutes while it warms up, then lightly scrub skin and rinse off. Then check out your healthier looking skin! This is what I like to use to exfoliate my skin every week. The Skin Renewal Peel sloughs the dead skin off, improves texture and I am hoping that it might help reduce some fine lines that I see brewing. Fine lines are unacceptable!

I use this product with my Clarisonic brush and when Im done, my skin is totally glowing. Afterwards I slather, and I do mean slather, some moisturizer on.
Love this cream! All About Eyes is a rich cream that will keep your eye area hydrated all day long. My one pet peeve about eye creams is that you apply them and an hour later, the eye area looks dry. There are so many fantastic eye creams out there but my skin rapidly absorbs the nutrients and I want my eye area to remain looking moisturized.

All About Eyes plumps up fine lines and wrinkles for hours after application. It also de-puffs the eyes which is so ideal for me because I get up early in the morning and my eyes look like sandbags. I need a cream like this, one that multi-tasks!

I am sooooooo picky about my foundations. I've tried many and have liked a lot of them but I need a certain look for everyday wear. A look that offers a medium coverage that will smooth out my skin and stay put for several hours. I need a foundation that doesn't clog pores and/or contribute to my oily t-zone. All without making me look like I'm wearing theater makeup. But it can't crease in the fine lines. Its a tall order, I know!

Clinique's Clarifying Makeup met all my demands. I was pleasantly surprised when all I needed to even out my skin tone was a few dots of the Clarifying Makeup, blending well with a cosmetic sponge and WOW! It looked so good. But the real test was going out and running errends for a few hours. I came home and my makeup had stayed put and looked as good as when I first applied it. This makeup controls oil and minimizes pores. YES!

I highly recommend all the skin and eye products I've mentioned here. And now I'm off to apply more eye cream!

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Oscar Dollfaces

So many gorgeous gowns. I adore Keri Russell's simple beauty, I think she always looks like doll.
Jennifer Garner was amazing in her black dress and Anne Hathaway rocked the red. Marion's dress looked like fish scales but that girl is stunning, Penelope always knows how to work the Red Carpet. I would have liked it better if Cameron Diaz put more effort into her hair and makeup. Heidi Klum reminded me of Count Chocula in red and Hilary Swank got two thumbs up for her hair, makeup and dress, well done!
I'm liking the leopard print! Diablo Cody gives hope to all of us writers without formal screenwriting training.

I love love love the glamour of Renee Zellweger's dress. Very old Hollywood. But I really did not like her hair. She looks amazing in the trailer for Leatherheads; I think another hairdo would have been so much more flattering.

Katherine Heigl went to the Mystic Tan before the Oscars! I like the dress but the round cut out on the shoulder reminds me of a Corn Pad.

I liked Lisa Rinna on the Red Carpet. I think she's cute and funny. Her dress is very elegant and classic, I loved the navy color.

Penelope looked gorgeous and there's something sexy about that Javier!

I love Cate Blanchett. Not because people say I look like her but because she is effortlessly pretty on the Red Carpet. The simple black dress that Nicole Kidman wore was totally amped up with those diamonds practically dripping off her!

Calista Flockhart's dress was one of my faves. The color and the style is something I would wear. Her hair looks like mine except I just rolled out of bed. I'm kidding (not really) I like the curly coif.

James McAvoy and his wife AnnMarie were super cute. He's adorable and her dress was magnificent. I love the ruffles, the color, everything!



Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oscars: My Superbowl

Would I wear a dress like this?

Imagine if you were invited to the Oscars; how would you be feeling right now? I would be so excited that I would not be able to sleep or eat. The eating part would suit me since I'd feel like I had to drop a couple of pounds anyway, from my thighs and hips but not my bust.

Weeks in advance, I would choose my gown. I am not high maintenence or demanding so I would buy off the rack, why not? Naturally I would have the gown tailored to my figure so it fit like a diamond studded glove.

Here I chose a few gowns for fun, I'm dreaming of lovely dresses and strappy heels, false eyelashes and shiny lips. As a writer, no one would know who I was anyway so the photographers would shrug and put their cameras down as I stepped out of the car/limo/my ten year old Toyota. But the important thing is that I'd feel like a million bucks.

Would I choose something pink and add some vintage accessories? That could be my style.

Maybe I would choose a vintage dress and pair it with some designer shoes? I love vintage anything.

This might suit my body if I wore Spanx. I could sneak some flats underneath and my feet would be comfy. Maybe I'd even wear slippers.

This Valentino gown would allow for a high comfort level and some cute ballet flats that no one would see because it's so long.

I would chose any one of these three dresses and pair it with Jimmy Choo's or Christian Louboutins.

Someday, maybe I'll attend the Academy Awards and take a turn on Red Carpet. For now it's fun to dream and use my imagination. You know where I'll be tomorrow afternoon- in front of my television watching the pre-show!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

I am so excited that Hilary Swank will be playing one of my favorite women in history- Amelia Earhart. She's going to be brilliant in the film, too bad it wont be out for another few years!

This picture reminds me of the scene in Alice in Wonderland where she drinks the potion that makes her grow really big and everything else remains really small. Katie's head is almost touching the ceiling. Looks like she wants Tom to jump into her hand.

Wow, that's quite an interesting necklace thing Salma has going on. Draws no attention to her chest. No, none.

Someone feed Rachel Zoe a loaf of challah bread, stat!
She looks sunken and shriveled, I fear for her health!

Michelle Trachtenberg has beautiful ivory skin, I think she's lovely.

This could be Pete Doherty, Kate Moss or Heidi Klum.

Nah, I don't think Kate Hudson is pregnant after all. Groovy dress though.

Kate Beckinsdale's dress reminds me of a tablecloth. That see thru part could have been cut off and the dress would be perfect.

Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel. Her voice is incredible. I've been listening to the soundtrack from Wicked and she is amazing!

Charlize is always gorgeous, she can work the Red Carpet and look flawless every time!

Ashton, Demi, Rumer at the Cotton Club. No, they're at an event but look like they might be headed to a speakeasy for some moonshine. Demi, lay off the tanning bed! White suits on men almost never work!

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