Monday, March 31, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Love Love Love Keri Russell's hat! Any idea where I can find one of my own?
photo, celebbabyscoop

Kate Hudson on the set of her new movie, Bride Wars. I think she's wearing a wiglet- her real hair is thin like mine- but she's so cute!

I like Jennifer Love "Size 2" Hewitt but I would rethink the blousey shirt with the jeans. I always feel and look pregnant when I wear shirts like that.

Imagine having unlimited funds to dress your child in the hippest clothes? Gwen can!

Jennifer Lopez, it was only a matter of time before she was out and about again! Doesn't she look mildly puffy in the face?

If you are a celeb, even if you have just given birth you must go out and be seen and photographed! Jennifer Lopez proves my point.

I celebrate my birthday at Red Robin with a water and a veggie burger. But Fergie throws a bash with Quentin Tarantino and a host of other famous peeps.

Did you watch the Kids Choice Awards? Cameron Diaz was there looking very casual. Thats her style- no fuss, California girl, tan all year, low key.

Love her style! And her earrings. Cate Blanchett looking lovely.

Oh gosh, what on earth did Lara Flynn Boyle do to her face? She was very very cute back in the day. This is what happens when you go overboard on the injections and fillers I guess.

Everything from the waist up is good- I like Rihanna's bustier, the makeup and hair. But the diaper pants and green nails have to go!

My kids watch Shia LeBouf on Even Stevens reruns all the time. He's looking swell.Technically, I could be his mother and that is a scary thought.

Imagine wearing an outfit like that to go to the mall? Victoria Beckham probably doesn't own a pair of sweats and sneakers. I bet her pajamas are designer and she wears high heeled maribou trimmed mules as slippers.

ghd Haircare

I never had the pleasure of trying this brand until recently. It's called ghd and this is the gold standard in hair care. Trust. You will LOOOOOOOVE it. I washed and conditioned my dull, dry, frizzy, out of shape, flat hair with the Nurture Shampoo and Conditioner. This is specially formulated for weak and damaged hair. That would be me. The shampoo smells wonderful and lathers up into scented bubbles then washes away with no residue. I like the conditioner because as soon as I rinse it out, my hair is already softer. I can get my wide tooth comb through my hair without a single tangle.

Next I tried the Obidience Cream to tame the frizzies. My hair is rather fuzzy looking so this product is a must! These types of products are tricky because if you use too much you end up with a greasy coif, if you don't use enough you can't tell you applied it at all. I used just about a nickle sized dallop and applied it to the top layer of hair. My hair looked less frizzy for sure, it was very smooth when I blow dried it straight.

You know about me and big hair. I love it! The bigger and more voluminous, the better! So I was especially excited to try Fat Hair Lotion. I applied a generous amount through my wet hair and blew it dry. It definitely plumped up my meager strands, giving my hair the much desired volume. I'm going to use this every single day whether I style my hair curly, wavy or straight.

And if I love big hair then my dedication to hairspray must be obvious. This Ultimate Hairspray for a Firm Hold does the trick. Holds the hair in place without making it look like I've shellacked my coif. This aerosol spray shoots out a fine mist and dries within seconds. I don't like it when I spray my hair and its wet with product. My hair is touchable and soft looking after using this, but even in the wind, it holds the style. And the hairspray smells really good too!

For all products and more information, head over to the ghd website. Check out the ghd IV Styling Set...I'm dreaming of it!


All you need from Urban Decay!

I've seen this primer mentioned all over the place! Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion is the top rated primer for eyeshadow. It mades your eyeshadow stick and not fade, not even throughout a busy day of running around in the heat. You apply it with the sponge tip, the consistency is a little thick so you apply it lightly and then gentle smudge so your lid is covered. Apply your eye shadow as you normally would. There you go. Locked into place all day long! I love the shape of the bottle and the onion dome top, its like my own mini Kremlin.

These are incredibly soft and blendable, I'm talking about the 27/7 Glide On Eyeliner Pencils. Love them! I don't know what's better: the fact that they have the coolest colors, that they stay on all day long or that they have an awesome texture. I apply as close to my lash line as possible and then go over it with the Metallic White shade which gives the hue of the pencil a really cool metallic look.

This little brow kit is like a tiny dresser drawer! How cute is the design of it? Very. The Urban Decay Brow Box is adorable, it houses two shades of powder brow color, a brush to apply the color and a pan of wax to set the color, plus a mirror and tweezers. There is no way you can do brows without a mirror. This kit does it all for you! You have to have something like this around to sculpt your eyebrows. I must have tweezed mine off in the dark because one day I noticed I hardly had any brows on only one side of my face. What would I have done if I didn't have a brow kit to remedy this beauty disaster?

I think at my age, I'm too old for short miniskirts, tops that show my muffin top, pigtails and braids. One thing I won't give up though is glitter eye shadows and eyeliners. I love it. Urban Decay has the best duo, the Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Gel and the Glitter Eye Liner. Mind you, I use it so lightly that you have to do a double take and look closely to see it there at all. It just gives my eyes a POP of shimmer, a burst of glimmer. I line my lashline very closely with the eyeliner or I dab on some glitter gel on my eyelids.

Click here for Urban Decay's website. Each time I go on there I see a bunch of products that I want to try! Big Fatty Mascara or Lube in a Tube anyone?


John Varvatos, The New Scent for Her

When I first sprayed this fragrance, I thought it would be perfect for a special night out. But seriously, how often do those occur? Not very. And what's wrong with smelling nice for no good reason other than to carry a lovely fragrance on myself? I can be cleaning the house, yellow rubber gloves on my hands, scrubbing the bathrooms, smelling of something wonderful. Why not pamper myself a little?

John Varvatos for women is a sophisticated, elegant scent. It contains aromatic grappa, Georgian apricot, damascus plum and golden mandarin. Combine those flavors, if you will, with lilies, mango blossom, jasmine, Turkish rose attar. Background is oakmoss, patchouli, tonka beans and wild honey. There are more ingredients in this bottle than in my entire breakfast, lunch and dinner!

This is a different fragrance than what I am used to wearing, different in a good way! It's a beautiful scent and so rich and sexy. The round pink bottle is very sensual. John Varvatos looks gorgeous on my dresser. The perfume, not the actual person. This is going to be my summer scent. Click here for more information!


Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend Beauty Read

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The Daily Cookie reviews a dupe for the popular MAC 187 blush brush for a fraction of the price!

Product Girl is having her first giveaway. Enter to win a Philosophy Breakfast in Bed Shower Gel Set from now until Monday night!

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Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog shows you how to get Mariah Carey's look with MAC Heatherette Beauty Powder.

Tousled, textured hair is the top tress trend for Spring 2008! StyleBell shows you how to create Beachy Waves with your flat iron.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Can you imagine Kate Moss performing Mom-like tasks such as giving her daughter a bath, making a grilled cheese sandwich, getting up in the middle of the night with a sick child, picking up toys...I don't believe Kate does any of it!

Well of course a pregnant Gwen Stefani is going to look amazing! Would you expect anything less?

There are only a few things I refuse to wear- a G-string in public, overalls, leg warmers, a studded dog collar, fur coats and a romper. This is look that belongs on a two year old. Rompers need to have crotch snaps for easy diaper access. They dont belong on any one over the age of thirty six...months.

Feeling not so fresh? Don't want to leave your house because you didnt have time to do your makeup? Silly! Simply throw on your Amy Winehouse hive, grab a magic marker and paint a triangle over each eye. There you are, good to go!

These rubber pants/leggings/tights need to die a quick death. If you weigh more than 98lbs. you really cannot wear these out in public. Victoria Beckham, this is not a fashion statement, its a pair of pants that will result in chafing.

OMG that face George Clooney is making is reason enough for me not to find him attractive. Anymore. Its probably meant to be cute and silly and endearing but its not.

How is it that Lindsay Lohan is many many years younger than I am but has older skin? She's rocking some honking nails there.

Nicole Kidman is hardly showing. Well, I wasn't either at five months. Everyone would comment on how tiny I was and I got really offended, as if they were alluding that I'd give birth to a midget baby. You know how hormonal pregnant women can be.

Julia Roberts, walking.

Jennifer Aniston, walking.

WHAT? Even celebs like Debra Messing are subject to removing their shoes for security? Even more shocking- why isn't she flying on a private jet?

Courteney Cox, walking.

Britney Spears, walking but with stains on her tunic. It's a nice idea to wear pants under a shirt that doesn't reach at least mid-thigh. She is a feast of primary colors- red lips, bright blue dress, green bag, yellow teeth and orange hair.

photo credits, justjared,jjb,ohnotheydidnt, fadedyouthviajjb


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I never had the pleasure of testing Skinceuticals until a few weeks ago. This is a great brand based on my experience from the two products I have been using. The site is super informative and their products are of a high caliber. On their website everything is detailed and explained thoroughly, they even offer am/pm regimens in case you are anything like me and sort of all over the place with products.

The Eye Cream boasts the ability to combat symptoms such as puffiness, sagging skin, and dark circles — all specific to the delicate eye area. Check, check, check! I need help with all of the above. I use this liberally at night so it can really soak in as I sleep. It absorbs quickly without any greasy or oily residue. A few weeks isnt really enough time to tell how well it works but I like everything about it- the fact that it doesn't have a scent, quickly sinks into my skin, does not bother my eyes, all A++++! I will continue to use this as long as I have it.

I was wishing and praying for a Retinol Cream and this one came into my life. It's a 0.5 retinol so it's not overwhelming to the skin. I know that Retinol's can make skin become red and peel. Luckily that reaction hasn't taken place. I have a few annoying fine lines that I will do anything to get rid of so I am especially anxious to see how well the Retinol performs, I love it so far.
All you need is a pea sized dab to rub into your skin. No additional moisturizer is needed. Aside from applying to the fine lines around my mouth, I use it on my oily t-zone and I swear this has already cleared up some over-sized pores. (remember my self diagnosed Porexia?)

Here's what the Skinceuticals site says about their 0.5 Retinol Cream:
Retinol products help stimulate cell regeneration and build collagen to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots from both photo- and intrinsic- aging.

When I was at Sephora last time, the helpful salesperson told me it takes 30 days for a product to start working. I know I'm going to be using this every single of those 30 days and looking for results. So far, so good! Click here for the Skinceuticals website- I see at least six items I need as soon as humanly possible!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MAC!! *~*~*~* Heatherette~*~*~*~*

This one is my favorite out of all the Heatherette faces.

I love the bright eyes and the glossy lips which is glamorous for day or night, I wear false eyelashes all the time, they really pump up the volume on your eyes!

Get this look:
EYES Lingering, Clear, Hoppin', Bare Study, Mood Ring, Black Funk, Pop Blue, All Black
CHEEKS Alpha Girl
LIPS Softwood, Lollipop Loving, Sock Hop

When I read about the Heatherette collection a few months ago, I instantly knew it was going to be Barbie on acid. A crazy, pink infused, fun, shimmery, glittery collection. We are talking Heatherette here, two insane guys who might show up somewhere in false eyelashes and cowboy hats with pink feathered boas wearing thick eyeliner and Daisy Dukes. Could we expect anything less than a wild ride?
this image is from the amazing website,

This collection does not disappoint. Lucky me, I was able to sample some of the colors recently and I would be hard pressed to chose a single favorite product. I love the lipstick Lollipop Loving with glossy Sock Hop over it. Its a really shiny peachy color that wakes up my tired little face.

The Duel Edge Pencils offer smooth color on one end and a frosty, glitter tip on the other. I line my upper lashes with the color side and go over it with the glittery side, blending slightly. It's a super easy way to draw attention to your eyes.

OF COURSE there is MAC Glitter! Did you expect anything less from a collection that comes from Heatherette? I use a tiny bit of the glitter over my eyeshadow or I draw on a very light line of the glitter using a fine angled brush, right along the lash line. YES I'm in my mid-thirties and I use the glitter. Pigments are brilliant pots of bright color that I have come to love. The pigments are intense color that lasts forever.

What would this collection be without false eyelashes? These are enormous! Definitely for a night out on the town which for me, is a night at a restaurant that doesn't offer a kids menu and crayons! MAC has wonderful false eyelashes and they are so well made that you can use them a couple of times.

The Beauty Powder is a pressed powder with a sheer finish that gives your face a slightly luminous glow. The two colors coordinate with the Heatherette shades and tints. You simply cannot have your face powder not match your eye shadow and lipstick!

I got to test the silver nail polish which is called $$$$YES (cash yes). That's my motto! I think a silver nail is funky and fun. I've seen women do the french manicure with silver tips instead of white. Bring it on!

Here is a breakdown of the entire line:

Lollipop Loving, Mid-tone coral
Fleshpot, Light beige
Hollywood Nights, Fuchsia pink
Melrose Mood, pastel pink

Bonus Beat, yellow beige
Sock Hop, mid-tone coral
Style Minx, vivid pink
Starlet Kiss, pale pink

Eye Trio 1- Mood Ring - Pastel mint green, Cloudburst- black w/ green, Hoppin' -Pastel peach

Eye Trio 2- Baby Petals- pale pink, V.I.P.- yellow pink, Cassette - deep purple

Jardin Aires peach w/ silver
Pink Pearl - medium pink w/ blue undertones

Dual Edge Pencil
Black Funk/Pop Blue - black w/ silver glitter
Phone Me/Text Me - grey/metallic silver
Nighthawk/Front Row - brown/neutral peach w/ gold
Fab Orchid/Dash Lily - purple/lavender w/ silver glitter

Nail Lacquer
Lola Devine, mid-tone coral
$$$$$ Yes, Metallic silver foil

Beauty Powder
Smooth Harmony - Medium golden bronze
Alpha Girl - Pink w/ gold

She's Good
She's Bad - Fishnet texture


New Philosophy products, not to be missed!

From time to time, my beautiful makeup loving friend whom I will call Supermodel, will guest write some reviews. She so kindly reviewed some products from one of my very favorite brands, Philosophy. Take it away, Supermodel...
Philosophy: The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas…beige
If you love a product that gives you an elegant finish while being foolproof, Philosophy’s The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas is for you. This silky all-in-one foundation brings out that super-smooth complexion we all want, in a one step process. The sponge-like applicator offers extreme ease of use and I loved the fact that I was offering my face SPF as well ! The coverage was complete while still offering a sheer luminousness lacking in other products I have sampled. I am hooked, and will be incorporating this glorious product into my a.m. ritual!
While we are talking about Philosophy, I also sampled the mineral blush duo in Berry/Chestnut , again from the Supernatural line. I am a girl who used to love to tan, and still seek out that sunkissed glow. I appreciate how thoughtful Philosophy was when creating this duo compact of colors! If you want that blushing fresh youthful glow, the Berry side if perfect for you! On the other hand, if you are looking for a deeper, more sophisticated bronze that says you just returned from Grand Cayman, Chestnut is the one! Or do as I did, and use a bit of each for your own radiance. In true Philosophy form, this product goes on smoothly and is sure to avoid catching in pores or lines.

Last, but surely not least for me, I sampled the Berry lip pencil, again from the Supernatural line . Being raised by a mother who told me I looked naked without my lips, this one left me feeling fully dressed! Once again, this product was easy to apply and gave my lips a creamy, moist outline that complemented several different lipstick shades. I didn’t have to touch up often throughout the day, which I loved and this pencil will now be a welcome companion!

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Oh how I love Chanel!

When I think of Chanel, I can't help but think of Marilyn Monroe and her dedication to Chanel no. 5. For years, that was my signature scent. Now I've moved on but Chanel is to me, the epitome of glamour and elegance. I imagine beautiful women patting their faces with Chanel powder and pretty French girls with their Glossimer lip gloss.

I recently had the chance to test some Chanel products and I loved the result as I knew I would. I wore the Quadra Eye Shadow in the colors above- a neutral gray shade, a pale blue, a dark blue and a light pink. The texture of the eye color is so finely milled, like the softest powder and it stayed on all day. I layered the colors and took the time to create a subtle yet eye catching look.

Next I lined my upper lashes with the Precision Eye Definer in Blue Jean which is ultra blendable and very smooth. No tugging or pulling on the eye to apply this product. The eye pencil comes with its own sharpener which is a plus. Its nice to have one in easy reach so you can have a sharp point every time you apply.

I used the powder blush which was a shade called Enchanteresse, a shade between peach and bronze. A little goes a long way on my fair skin. Great texture and color and has a tiny bit of shimmer so you face reflects the light and looks luminescent.

Initmitable Mascara in Noir Brun was my next step. This mascara has a brush that applies even color to each lash. It's more like a comb than a brush with finer "bristles" which give lashes separation and a bit of volume. This is an all in one kind of mascara. You can build color without getting clumps, I applied two or three coats because as you well know, I like big lashes.

Lastly, the Glossimer. This is the Holy Grail of lip glosses. High shine, no sticky-tacky texture, in a sleek little tube with the luxurious CC intertwined on the cap. Is there anything better than a good lip gloss for extra shiny and sexy lips? I tried out Spark which is a lovely reddish pink that appears darker in the tube than on my lips. Seashell, is an ideal color for day time, a pink-peach frost that works well with the powder blush I used. Its very springy and light while Spark is a tad more dramatic for night.

My final thoughts on Chanel? I looooooooved it. What makeup loving girl hasn't lusted over the Black Satin and Vamp shades of nail polish? Who hasn't wished for a Glossimer or two? I'm going to be dreaming about the Satin Lip colors and the Professional Finish Makeup. Here is a link to Chanel on Nordstrom and the Chanel website.


Daily Dollfaces

Cute dress, perfect for a pregnant belly. I am anxious to read Tori Spelling's book, sTori Telling.

Here's an outfit I would wear for spring. I'm reading Tim Gunn's style book and think I need to toss some of my ill fitting clothes and dress more like Reese in the above photo. No more ripped, ditressed jeans, mini skirts and oversize tee shirts any more.
justjared photo

Renee Zellweger need some blotting papers, stat!

InStyle magazine has a peek at some celeb's closets. I'd love to have as many accessories as Paula or a closet that's identical to Mariah's. My husband nixed the idea of turning our spare room into my own closet/dressing area. It would have been nice.

Heidi Klum is wearing some precariously high sandals and a dangerously short dress. Not a good combo while carrying a toddler!

Not only is Kate Beckinsdale gorgeous, but she has an insane head of hair. I would need a hair piece or weave to get that kind of voume.

I worry that by time my daughter is in her late teens, I will look like an old hag. Maybe I need to borrow Demi Moore's ritual of putting leeches on my body and botox in my face.

Cameron Diaz is looking very spring like and cute here. Love the red purse and bright jeans.

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