Monday, June 30, 2008

MAC Dazzleglass

Is there anything sexier than a mouth drenched in shiny, sexy color? I really don't think so. I'm obsessive about having gloss on my lips. Here is the ultimate in lipglass: MAC's Dazzleglass. I tried the shade of Glamour OD which is a very bright coral red. I'll save it for a night out on the town, when I want to add some vavavoom to my look!

There are so many gorgeous shades are a few to pick from:
Baby Sparks - Pale pink with violet pearl.
Funtabulous - Purple with violet pearl.
Comet Blue - Violet blue.
Like Venus - Clean light bubble gum pink with red pearl.
Love Alert - Raspberry red with red pearl.
Money, Honey! - Mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl.
Ms. Fizz - Bright pink with blue pearl.
Pleasure Principal - Clear white violet, teal and white pearl.

(list via


Skinsheen and Tendertones

This is exactly what my ivory stems need after nine months of hibernating under long jeans. MAC's Skinsheen is a spray on bronzer for legs. I really don't care much about being tan but I dont think anyone can argue that tan legs look 100% better than white legs any day.

Skinsheen comes out of the bottle like mousse then changes to gel as you rub it in. What you're left with is sexy bronzed legs with a shine that makes it look like you've been lightly dipped in oil and set out on the beaches of St. Tropez to dry!

MAC's Tendertones spf 12 smell delicious and make your lips shiny. These silky lip glosses come in the prettiest colors which give lips a sheer color which is really all you need for these summer days. I love all the shades that the Tendertones come in. I am a sucker for anything pastel pink but the color called Tread Lightly which looks yellow in the pot, actually gives a sweet shimmery glow to my lips. My purse is completely weighed down with MAC lipglasses and now with Tread Lightly. Can't go anywhere without my array of lipsticks and balms and glosses!

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MAC Future Earth-Volcanic Ash

The Volcanic Ash Exfoliator looks like something you might want to stay away from should you encounter a blob of this anywhere else but in a neat little tub. Black and gritty, its a little intimidating. But once you try it, you quickly get over the strange look. Its actually kind of cool!

This exfoliant contains volcanic ash and natural oils. It heats up when you apply it to your face and after you wash it away, your skin is glowing, clean and soft. I love it.

Click here for more from the Future Earth Collection.


MAC Neo Sci-Fi

At first glance you might think the colors from the Neo Sci-Fi collection would be too bold to wear. From the picture below, wouldnt you guess the colors would be all 1980's neons? But no! A few of my favorite shades are actually very neutral which happen to blend perfectly with the brighter shades. I like one bold feature- if I have a bolder lip then my eyes will be light. More often than not I go with the strong eye with a bright color and heavy eyeliner with a shiny nude lip.

Sci-Fi-Delity -Burnt red with golden pearl
Pleasureseeker - Creamy peach
Astral - Mid-tone brown with red pearl
*Electro - Bright orange (I wear this one with a gloss for high impact!)
*Sunsonic - White gold (I love love love this one, its my everyday lipstick)
*Supreme - Bronze brown with white pearlized pigments (perfect for a night out, very dramatic)
Naked Space - Creamy mid-tone nude peach
Pink Grapefruit - Pink-orange with gold pearl
Soft and Slow - Mid tone creamy plum
Cremestick Lip Liner:
Beurre - Dirtied plum
80% - Deep, deep cocoa
Summerfruit - Pale coral
Eye Shadows:
Magnetic Fields - Black brown with silver pearlized pigments
*Femme Fi - Frosty golden cream (I'll wear this all year!)
Evening Aura - Frosty golden peach
Time and Space - Frosty copper
*Expensive Pink - Pink with gold duochrome (the pink is so neutral, ideal for a low key look)
Sheertone Shimmer Blush:
*Spaced Out - Shimmery peach (I love this deep peach shade)
X-Rocks - Shimmery mauve
Plushlash - volumizing, lengthening, curling, lifting.
Nail Lacquers:
Metalist - Copper with white pearl
Plasma Blu Turquoise with white pearl
Neon 8 - Brilliant orange with orange pearl
Phosphor -Buzzing bright yellow

MAC website, click here.


MAC Cool Heat

The heat may be sizzling but MAC has some cool colors for the summer. Besides beautiful, sultry lip colors, I'm in love with the cool tones for eyes. My favorite is Warm Chill, a seafoam green with a gold pearl tint. Blue Flame, a metallic navy blue, and Cool Heat frosty teal, are two others that I like to play around with. Mixing and blending colors for me is like a child playing with a box of crayons and chalk.

This collection also features:
Tropic Glow - Blue-pink with silver pearlized pigments
By Degrees - Neutral brown-pink
Gentle Simmer - yellow-pink with white pearlized pigments
High 90s - Pink-orange
Swelter - Sheer red
Eye Shadows:
Solar White - Frosted muted white-gold
Warming Trend - Frosty light taupe
Gulf Stream - blue-green with green pearlized pigments
limate Blue- violet-blue with pink pearlized pigments

Click here for the complete Cool Heat collection.


MAC Naughty Nauticals

With names like Meet the Fleet and Hey Sailor, MAC's Naughty Nauticals will inspire your summer palette this season. My favorites include a bold blue nail polish named Naughty Nautical, I love it for toenails!

Bell- Bottom Blue pigment is a gorgeous blue shade. I cannot get enough of MAC pigments. They last forever, blend well and have a rich hue. Most often I apply these with the tip of my finger, not very professional of me I know but I can't help it!
This collection includes:
Ahoy, There! - Sheer light dirty pink with multi-dimensional pearl
Buoy-O-Buoy - Creamy neutral pink brown
Ensign - Peachy pink with white and gold pearl
Hey Sailor - Blue plum pink with white pearl flecks
Shore Leave - Pale frosty cream
Meet the Fleet - Matte midnight blue
Illegal Cargo - Mid-tone frosty greyed plum
Lovely Lily - Lilac with red pearl
Larkabout-Sheer frosty white blue
Mutiny- Clean sky blue with gold pearl
Nail Lacquer
Shirelle- Classic "she's a dame" red


Gracie's Grear and Adventure Babe

I often go for long walks and when I do, in one hand I hold my keys and in the other hand is my ipod. It's so annoying to walk holding these things in my sweaty paws. When I'm trying to lift my free weights I tuck the ipod into my waistband and can I tell you how many times the ipod has fallen down my pants? This is true and it's happened in public.

Gracie's Gear offers the perfect solution by way of a discreet zippered pouch in the sports bra/top. Ideal for housing your ipod while you run or bend or whatever it is you do, this comfortable top holds your ipod or key. YES! I love it. I wear my Gracie's Gear sports bra all the time and am so thankful to finally have a place for my ipod and I don't have to worry about it sliding down my pants leg.

If you saw me working out I think you would be disgusted. I wear the oldest grubbiest tee shirts and worn out tank tops. Why? I don't really know. I feel frivolous spending money on nice work out clothes I guess. But it makes a difference, it really does.

Here's what I need more of- Adventure Babe shirts. These are super cool because they are made with "Vapor fabric which adjusts to cold or warm temperatures and has built in odor resistant and moisture wicking materials."

How excellent is that? Especially when it's so hot that I break a sweat just strolling to my mailbox. This line of high quality women's clothes are worth a look, check it out here. They made tees and tanks, hats, fleece pullovers, all the items you might need if you were an Adventure Babe.

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Tight Curves

Tight Curves is a protein powder which builds muscle, strengthens bones, improves skin, hair and nails. Here's the thing- I am not one for powders. I can't tell you how many whey, protein, green and soy powders have clogged my pantry for years. When I was in highschool, I started making Slim Fast shakes and in order to tolerate the powdery, gritty texture, I started scooping ice cream into the blender along with the Slim Fast. Isn't that a brilliant idea for weight control? Right up there with eating cheesecake to get my calcium.

Tight Curves is very good. I add a scoop to my oatmeal or shredded wheat for breakfast which is a very easy way to consume it. Most mornings I add a small scoop to a glass of water, stir it up very well and drink. There's no choking it down or gagging, like when I used make healthy juice out of kale then I'd nearly vomit from the taste.

Tight Curves has a berry flavor (but not overly sweet) and I'm looking forward to blending it up not with ice cream but with my frozen berry blend and soy milk for a healthy shake. If you are looking for a yummy protein shake that goes above and beyond what regular proteins shakes offer, definitely check out Tight Curves.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

Here's a brand that is new to me and maybe you- Dermelect Cosmeceuticals. I had not heard of this brand before but I am so glad that I had the chance to test a few items. Now I can highly recommend two fantastic products that give immediate results. And we are all about the instant gratification especially when it comes to beauty, aren't we?

The Detoxifying Oxygen Facial Commission can be used as a cleanser or a masque. It releases oxygen molecules and wakes up the face. It is applied as a cream and it quickly bubbles up, which is a very neat sensation. When you wash your face, it looks amazingly fresh, clean, and pure- like the skin of a baby. I pat it on all over my face, let it sit for a minute then rinse it off. I love how pretty my skin appears! Seriously rosy cheeks and vibrant skin.

The Pore Revolution and T-Zone Mattifier is a must have if you are prone to a lovely oily t-zone like myself. You know I went years, years without using moisturizer on my face under my makeup because of that oily t-zone. This product is a silky cream which contains natural ingredients like willow extract and watercress extract. It clarifies and calms skin, smoothing over large pores and a greasy nose and forehead. After you apply this product, your skin looks and feels like velvet. I use this as a last step in my morning routine, after my non-oily moisturizer, primer with an spf, foundation with an spf and eye cream.

I'm so impressed with these two products, they are my new favorites taking up prime real estate on my bathroom counter. The Dermelect website offers lots of products for all kinds of skin and aging issues. Here's what I absolutely want for summer!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

If Emile Hirsch showed up at my door for a night out on the town wearing this getup, I'd simply say, "I'd like mine extra crispy with a side of cole slaw and mashed potatoes!"
Sarah Michelle Geller looks pretty and casual but if I were to wear that dress, I would look frumpy and pregnant. Not a look I enjoy for myself.
Here's a little Olsen for you. Do you love the Christian Louboutin shoes?

Nicole Richie is like me- addicted to the coffee! I like her style here, very hippy chic. I want that bag.
Nicky Hilton is carrying a bottle of Chanel nail polish. I like it, I think it's Lilac Sky.That girl needs to eat, her legs are the size of my arms.

I don't want to believe the rumors that Jen n' Ben are separating. Jen seems like a good mom, of course she has a nanny somewhere but she's always carrying Violet and spending time with her.

Im one hundred percent sure that Jaclyn Smith had plastic surgery. She cannot be sixty and look that great naturally! She's always been a stunning woman.

Stunning but not happy, Halle Berry looks thrilled, NOT, to be out and about. When my kids were babies, I was literally skipping- no prancing, when I got a chance to go out alone. Cheer up Halle!
Not everyone can wear white pants and not just because they get dirty quickly and you can see underpants through them. White pants make people look bigger and wider. OF COURSE Gisele can pull it off. Not only is she blessed with a voluminous head of hair, good boobs, small hips but she also has long thin legs. No fair!
Remember when Cameron Diaz used to flip off the paparazzi all the time? I think that's when she dated Justin Timberlake. He's such a buzz kill!


Virtual Color Studio

If eyes are the windows to our souls then what does the color of our eyes tell people? Mine are a pale blue but I would love to pump up the volume on the color and go for a bright color, maybe a vivid sky blue. Maybe a dark green. And I've always wondered what I'd look like with brown eyes.

With LensShopper, an online shop for all your contact lens needs, they have a neat Virtual Color Studio which allows you to choose a model with your coloring and have them 'try on' different eye colors. I'm still learning towards a brighter blue. I think if I needed to wear contact lenses, there is no doubt I'd choose colored ones. You can click here to see the colors they offer. Pretty neat!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thymes Sleep Well collection

When I lay in bed at night, my mind races and I can't stop thinking of everything I need to accomplish the next day- and in life. My heart beats like a drum and I toss and turn. I haven't had a good night sleep in so long that I forget what its like to sleep for seven or eight solid hours.

Here comes Thymes to the rescue with their Sleep Well Collection. Quick background on Thymes- I was out to breakfast with a friend when she whipped out a bottle of perfume. It was Thymes Kimono Rose and it smelled so wonderful. I got in touch with the company and they sent me items to review, beautifully packaged and presented. I was impressed. When I tried the products, I became a huge fan of this luxury brand.

It comes as no big surprise that the Sleep Well Collection is beyond fantastic. The heavenly scent is clean and fresh combining rose oil, ylang ylang, neroili oil for a light floral fragrance. There is a Sleep Well Aha Body Lotion which contains rose oil, calming chamomile and valerian. Sleep Well Foaming Bath invites you to a warm soak before bed, while the Aromatic Candle sends you into the land of sweet dreams and the Mist for Body and Bed is a must for linens. I spray it over my bed and pillows before I get into bed.

This collection is a must have! Head over to the Thymes website for more. Check out all their products anything from this brand makes an amazing gift for loved ones...or yourself.


Artemis Woman Personal Groomer

This is a nifty gadget for every girl who grooms. This small, sleek tool is called the Personal Groomer from Artemis Woman.

It trims hair easily and comfortably. I'm taking about the bikini line area, eyebrows, all the various spots where pesky unwanted hair sprouts up. Just whip out your Personal Groomer and say goodbye. I love it. This must-have tool runs on a single A battery and because of the size, it can fit anywhere. When I travel, I like to bring all my accoutrements with me so this one will definitely find its way into my makeup bag.

The Personal Groomer can be purchased everywhere- online, WalMart, CVS etc. Easy to use, inexpensive, small woman should be without one! Click here for more information- check out the Professional Facial Center, now that is what I need!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Naomi Watts can pull off any outfit but this dress. floppy bow, plus chunky shoes is not so flattering

Instead of liking Denise Richards more after watching her reality show, I like her so much less!
Reese Witherspoon looking very 1980's chic at the airport. Are those jeans Sassoon or Sergio Valente?
Renee Zellweger at the airport. Who is she dating now? Its time to take a dive into the Hollywood dating pool. Let's pair her with Jared Leto.

One of these is not a Trump.
Demi Moore, what's she doing there? Ivanka's boobs are ferocious.

Please tell me how Lisa Rinna stays in such amazing shape. I know she dances but she must have a personal trainer, nutritionalist and life coach on hand 24/7. And maybe a plastic surgeon?
Some women might be jealous of Sherri Shepard sitting on that guys lap, but not me. I never thought those guys were very good looking! They are probably vain
and self obsessed. Speaking of vain and self obsessed, Mario Lopez could be the last man on earth and I would remain uninterested. V-neck tee shirts are not cute.

Forget the guy, I'm looking at her outfit. I love it! I want that scarf and bag. These clowns are everywhere. And they got
Pregnancy belly or bagel bloat? Those shoes do NOT go with the outfit. Gwyneth, what were you thinking? Oh, you weren't because you are too busy feeling sick and tired. Bun in the oven!

I love the white blonde hair and black dress. Very chic. Leave it to Gwen to have gorgeous pregnancy style. She and Angelina should have a belly face off.
I always imagine David Arquette keeps a whoopi cushion in his pocket and wife Courteney moans about having two kids to take care of, him and daughter Coco Puffs.

YES, this is an outfit I would wear any day of the week! Cindy Crawford looks so casual and pretty but still age appropriate.

I always wear big hats when I'm working outside. This is a hat fit for the Kentucky Derby, not an airport. Catherine Zeta Jones should rethink her head-wear.
Christie Brinkley is pretty and is aging well (botox! eye lift!). But I think her daughter Alexa has her own unique beauty.
Ugh! Feast your eyes on this mess. What is Paris carrying? Looks like something that might be sold in an Adults-only store. How very goth and looks. And not in a good way.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Oh Katherine Heigl, no! Smoking, sitting in the sun AND alcohol? Out of all those, I regularly participate in wine drinking but that's because it's good for me, right? Wink.
Hi Jen! I love her casual style but am not crazy about the macrame shoes. In other news, Jennifer Aniston is going to join John Mayer on tour! I wonder if he sings Your Body is Wonderland to her? How many times can you hear that without rolling your eyes? Esp. since it was written for Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Tori Spelling just popped out her second kid and she's back to doing what celebs do best- trolling the streets for paparazzi. Where's the baby? Probably with Candy, in the gift wrapping suite. I'm not even commenting on her husband's painted toe nails.

Jessica Alba popped out her daughter, Honor Marie, recently and of course she's got a nanny/nurse on the payroll.These actresses can't take care of their babies by themselves? I think in Hollywood, you automatically get a divorce lawyer on speed dial and a nanny as soon as you became A list. They just arrive on your doorstep. And a personal trainer plus chef.
Cameron Diaz is a firm believer in saving the environment. She drives a Prius after all. Here she is, being green by reusing and recycling Jennifer Aniston's old boyfriend Paul.

I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to date Matthew Mcconagoogle. That would probably be like having a grown child in the house. Wasn't he recently hitting on girls at a bar in Nicaragua? The answer is YES. Maybe he and Camilla are bongo thumping swingers?
This photo is not photoshopped and it's not a scene from A Christmas Carol. It's Courtney Love! She and Amy Winehouse are sitting at death's doorstep. Scary and sad!
Lindsay Lohan hasn't been up to any wild antics lately. No DUIs, no driving into trees in Beverly Hills, no late night booty calls...I think this is serious!

Julia Roberts kids, Phinneas (unfortunate name!) and Hazel. I love his red hair!

Right, even without makeup, Heidi Klum is cute. But I always look at the super skinny bridge of her nose and wonder if she's had a nose job?
La la la, Hello Ariel!

Is that not a perfect profile? I'm taking this to a plastic surgeon and telling him to make me look like Emmy Rossum from the side, Angelina Jolie from the front!

Whats kind of funny is that even before kids can actually read, they recognize major landmarks like Target, McDonalds, Burger King and in Violet's case, Starbucks. She's been consuming that stuff since she was in the womb! She's fluent in grande, venti and soy.