Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New must-haves from the one and only...MAC

MAC Electro Flash eyeshadows are a marblized mineral eyeshadow which I am a huge fan of. I like these because just a swipe or two looks like you've put effort into blending the colors together when in reality- you haven't! The blendable texture is idea for layering colors and the hues are bright and...eye catching.

One side is a blend of three different colors while the other is a contrasting solid. I tried out Fresh Green Mix, I love the name of this green inspired shade. It is described as golden olive with blue, gold and acqua veining / Lime mono. The other color I tested was Odd Couple which is warm gold with lavender and bronze veining/Purple mono. These are only two of the nine shades available. They are all so inspiring and beautiful. Wouldn't it be nice to have one of each? YES, yes it would.

In the Electro Flash collection, you will find gorgeous lipsticks and lipglass plus a large fluffy brush to apply face or eyeproducts. Click here for all the information you need.
How can you not love all the colors in the Sonic Chic Collection? I'd like lipglass and nail polishes in every one of these shades. The blush is actually pretty sheer giving your skin a light glow. I tried a color that had an orange-yellow undertone and suprise! I loved it. While some of the shades might look a little wild, give it a whirl, you might love the result.

If you like a darker look you will have to use this with a heavy hand. I know many women love the Mineral Blush, so if you are one of them, then this is a must-have product for you.

Here's the 411:
Dainty - Yellow pink with gold pearl
Warm Soul - Mid-tone beige with gold
Nuance - Mid-tone peach with gold pearl
Gentle - Raspberry with gold pearl
Gleeful - Deep, dirty-blue pink with gold pearl
Merrily - Dirty burned red with gold pearl
Love Thing - Dirty burgundy with gold pearl
Love Joy - Mid-tone brown with gold pearl
Pleasantry - Intense mid-tone blue pink with gold pearl

MAC New View is a split personality blush. A hybrid! One half is a natural matte, the other a shimmer. All is molded into tiny terracotta tiles and baked "allowing for a sheer application."

I don't love shimmery glimmery cheeks so this is definitely nice for me. The colors in this collection are all earthy, natural shades which proves to be a super alternative to orange-bronze colors.
The colors in the collection include:
Light Medium Natural and Shimmer - Pale golden beige / Warm yellow beige
Medium Natural and Shimmer - Soft creamy beige / Light peachy pink
Medium Dark Natural and Shimmer - Caramel / Light tan
Dark Natural and Shimmer - Deep caramel / Mid-tone yellow gold
Deep Dark Natural and Shimmer - Rich golden bronze / Deep copper bronze
Check it out here.

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Daily Dollfaces

The new Diablo Cody movie starring Megan Fox. Unless this movie gets really great reviews, I don't think I'll be seeing it.
Check out Jennifer Lopez's high heels! Dangerously high. I just read that she does not employ a nanny, chef etc. YEAH RIGHT! Tell me another story.
I miss crazy cuckoo Britney but its nice to see her looking normal. I love the bathing suit. I'm into bathing suits with coverage.
I guess this is Kim Kardashian's interpretation of dressing down for a casual event? She brought her Supersized McBoobs!

Gorgeous! Blake Lively is so pretty, I love her hair, makeup, color of the dress, everything.

When I was Ali Lohan's age, I was wearing a training bra and Geranimals. Oh, how the times have changed.
Not crazy about the material of this dress but America Ferrara is totally stunning. Beautiful hair and smile!
Maggie Gyllenhaal is growing on me. At first I thought she looked exactly like a Cabbage Patch Kid but now I think she's cute. Still like a Cabbage Patch, but cute.
Madonna looking...buff yet skeletal.

A bra is a wonderful thing, very supportive and good for you. Meg Ryan should really look into wearing one.
Julia Roberts can clean up so well and look red carpet gorgeous but in real life she doens't stand out as a fashion icon. She's mismatched bohemian comfort liberal arts women's studies professor- chic.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Be back soon...

I have guests in from out of town and they frown at my addiction to the computer! What, they can't get their own food and drinks? Oy vey. I have to be polite and be a nice hostess! Ill update in the near future...

Friday, July 25, 2008

My pix from San Francisco

You can't really see how crooked Lombard Street is. But I'll tell you that a pair of ill fitting shoes on a street thats roughly 90* up does not make for a leisurely stroll. There are stairs along side the street, thank goodness. Also hydrangeas as big and round as a baby's head grow with abandon here.
Such a beautiful place-the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park. Everywhere you turn the landscaping is downright breathtaking. I took so many pictures that day.

This was a winery in Sonoma. I chose to ditch the tour and take photographs around the grounds. This was lush and overgrown and lovely. The ideal place to sit and read or meditate. It almost felt like a page from a fairy tale. Like maybe there would be a little gnome living in that green shed.

Another Sonoma winery. I've never been- I long to go- to Tuscany and I imagine it to look like this. Gently rolling hills and tall green trees. Fresh air. Grapes. Wine.

The famous "Seven Sisters" of San Fran, located across the street from Alamo Square Park. I love the homes, the architecture of this great city. I'm a city girl at heart and feel completely at home in an urban sprawl with neat little pockets of ethnic shops and restaurants. I love the artsy vibe of a big city, a place where anything goes. You don't have to be thin and pretty to fit in. You're just yourself and that's good enough.

Oh my gosh, there was this place called Mama's. We stood in line to get into this teeny cramped space with yellow walls and a menu to die for. I couldn't make up my mind until the last minute and I chose my usual breakfast treat- an omelet. My friend got this french toast with berries and bananas and chocolate syrup. I had to take a picture.


Skincare recommended by Hello Dollface...

Soap Free Cleanser
I really like the Avene products. I feel so French when I use them. Plus, the products are ideal for sensitive skin and for those who don't like heavy creams or lotions. The Thermal Spring Water is ideal to bring on trips for travel, it replenishes lost moisture, acts as a toner, soothes skin and sets makeup.

I've been using this every single night because I have annoying blackheads and I can't stand it. I dab Cleanance Acne Spot Treatment on my T-Zone area. I know its really for pimples but the salicylic acid helps to dry up blackheads, white heads and it reduces oil. The Soap Free Cleanser is ultra gentle and removes all traces of dirt, oil and makeup from your skin. It deep cleans without making your face feel tight. Click here for more information on Avene.

Here's a product to use twice a week, in the shower or where ever you wash your face. Its super easy to apply and remove. I'm talking about the Mini Peel Gel by Glytone. The Glytone products contain Glycolic Acid which I'm sure you know is a plant derived acid which helps fight premature aging. The Mini Peel boosts skin tone and exfoliates but gently. Don't think of battery acid on your face or any such thing. Its just a concentrated amount of Glycolic Acid applied to your clean face and washed off a few minutes later to reveal healthier looking skin.

The Vitaceutical Facial Serum is terrific too. I use a bit of this after the Mini Peel so my whole glycolic acid regimen comes full circle. My goal is to have smooth, healthy looking skin with out enormous pores or noticeable wrinkles. The Glytone products certainly help. Lastly, is the Glytone Eye Gel which is to be used at night. It helps firm up the under eye area.

It's such a shame that we have to contend with wrinkles, puffy eyes, loss of firmness as we age. Thankfully medicine and technology are always improving though so by time I'm eighty, I'll look sixty...right?

Photolagen's AminoGenisis promises results! Less wrinkles, decreased sun spots, improved texture and dryness...this product does it all. I can tell you that after using it for several nights in a row, my skin does look good. This product absorbs quickly and is lightweight. You can use this alone or apply moisturizer over it.

The amino acids found in this product will:

Dramatically Help Moisture Content
Decrease the Appearance of Wrinkles
Promote Collagen and Elastin Production
Help Regulate Sebaceous Gland Activity
Decrease Discoloration Due to Sun Damage
Improve Skin Texture and Feel

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am giving away this lovely Mini Brush Set – An ideal travel set that includes 6 essential mini handle brushes with full size brush heads. Our mini set includes the following brush styles: Powder, Foundation, Baby Buki, Shadow, Angled Liner and Brow brush. (http://www.adesignbrushes.com/) Retail Cost $45.00
All you have to do is visit my other site, Conversations With Famous Writers and tell me the name of the last book I featured. So easy! Then email your complete name and shipping address to distressedbluejeans@gmail.com

Daily Dollfaces

Such a odd hybrid of images and sounds, that Mariah. She's equal parts unicorn and magic fairy, butterfly and inner city girl with a voice that can go so high, its like Daryl Hannah's mermaid in Splash, with a dash of gangster rapper. My daughter had a similar skirt from The Children's Place.
I like the low key vibe of Maggie Gyllenhaal's look. But I hate the socks and brown shoes.

Kim Kardashian on the way to or from the gym. Either way she can stop doing the squats for a bigger, firmer butt.

I adore Keri Russell and look at her adorable little baby!

If I looked as good as Kate Beckinsdale sans makeup, I'd go naked faced every day.

That dress belongs at the Goodwill. On someone else, it might look vintage and cool but not on Jessica Biel. She belongs in jeans, construction boots and a hard hat.

It's official... Jennifer Garner is pregnant. Can we get a collective "No way, really?" Shocker.

Madonna and Gwyn, BFF. Can you even for a second imagine being best friends with Madonna? Would you have to spend all your time feeding into her ego and being bossed around? And would I really have to refer to her as Your Majesty...Madge for short?
Pregnancy rumors are swirling around Eva Longoria. Well, it's definitely a comfy dress with room to grow.
Does the name on her shirt say "Linens"? Amy Winehouse is looking good, healthy. Like a rosy cheeked farmgirl from the mid-west.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Non Beauty Essentials!

I'm trying to amp up my work outs. I'm not twenty anymore *cough cough* so its a little harder to stay fit. I purchased this dvd because a. I watch the show b. I cannot afford the $400 per hoursJackie Warner charges at Sky Sport c. three twenty minute workouts seems manageable. I don't like exercising when my family is around so I have to wait until everyone clears the room.

Let me preface my review by saying this- Jackie Warner kicks your butt with these sessions. Its divided into three routines- lower body, core and arms. I used 5lb weights for the arms and couldn't get through the entire 20 minutes. Next time I'll use three lbs. The core and lower body workout definitely gave me a challenge and I feel sore today from all those awful squats and lunges. I'm counting on the ab workout to give me a more defined tummy but after two kids and daily bagels, I don't know. I'm hopeful though. You can learn more about Jackie here.

I saw the episode where she made the dvd and it seemed like she didn't put a whole lot into it but the result is a well designed program that targets muscles not used on a daily basis. Everyone on the dvd is so fit and in good shape, I feel bad about myself. My muffin top spilling out over my workout shorts is not cute. So Im planning on doing this dvd twice a week along with yoga.

Off Smooth & Dry is awesome for repelling nasty mosquitoes. I never thought much about those blood sucking insects until I had kids and now every one I see has the potential to harm my children with the West Nile virus. Stay back! I like this spray because its extremely lightweight and the aerosol can is 100% easier than rubbing in a lotion that lays on your skin like a sticky blanket. You spray this, it dries fast thanks to a cornstarch formula and off you go.

Keeps bugs OFF! Repels mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, biting flies, chiggers and fleas. Biting flies? Ouch! Chiggers sound gross. I've got a special coupon for you here.

Of course whenever you wear a light colored shirt is the time when you spill your latte or dribble marinara sauce on yourself. It never fails and I'm too old to wear a bib. It's happened to the best of us. I spilled coffee (thanks for not fastening the lid on my mocha, Starbucks) on my white top while driving to Los Angeles and had to run into Kohls and buy a new shirt. That happened last year and I was a little too enthusiastic about being forced to shop unexpectedly. I also bought new shoes.

To the rescue to nasty stains comes BLOX! Simply pour a little bit into the fabric softener dispenser and poof! Stain removed. Here's the info you need to know:

BLOX prevents hundreds of stains including red wine, coffee, mustard, spaghetti sauce, milk, blood, grass and ink. Visit www.PreventStains.com and click on one of the light blue tabs to see how it works. BLOX goes straight into the fabric softener dispenser before each load, and its stain repellent technology is activated when garments are thoroughly dried in a dryer or ironed. After being washed with BLOX, fabric remains soft and breathable. BLOX contains no solvents, silicone, PFOA or PFOS, is eco-friendly and has been dermatologist tested.

This is staying right next to my washing machine within easy reach!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Charity of the Week and Stila: Step Up Women's Network

I received this press release from Stila and immediately clicked on the link to learn more about Step Up. I liked what I saw and this happens to coincide with my charity of the week. I'm passing the information on to you for this very excellent charity...

"Starting July 21st, be both a trendsetter and a do-gooder when you are the first to snag the Front Row Look Palette from the Stila Backstage Beauty Collection. Let your inner makeup artist go to work creating the softly smoldering eye that is destined to emerge as one of Fall’s top beauty trends, and exercise your inner philanthropist at the same time.

When the Front Row Look Palette goes on sale on July 21st at www.stilacosmetics.com, 10% of proceeds from the first 625 sold will be donated to Step Up Women’s Network to support teen programs, women’s health education and advocacy professional mentorship and social networking opportunities.

The Front Row Look Palette features the essentials to create the soft smoky eye seen all over the runways at the Fall 2008 fashion shows. Tucked inside a chic faux patent compact is a trio of eye shadows; Bouquet, a matte nude pink, Moonlight, a shimmering white, and Fog, a light grey. They are accompanied by a Smokey Quartz Kajal Eye Liner. Tying it all together is a beautiful faux leather rosette pendant- a versatile accessory that encourages you to get creative. Wrapped around the wrist or neck, worn in your hair, or affixed to a chic evening bag, this fun little extra will become one of your go-to fall accessories.

Step Up Women's Network is a national non-profit membership organization dedicated to strengthening community resources for women and girls. Through teen empowerment programs for underserved girls, women's health education and advocacy, professional mentorship and social networking opportunities, we educate and activate our members to ensure that women and girls have the tools they need to create a better future. www.suwn.org
Stila Front Row Look Palette will retail for $40.00 at www.stilacosmetics.com

I'm so excited to learn about this program. Really anyone can easily donate whether it be time, money or supplies. Check out this list of needs to learn how you can contribute. What a worthwhile charity, empowering teens and giving girls a boost of self esteem. I wish I could split myself into several pieces and give a hand to all places where I could help. Start small I guess, right?

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Daily Dollfaces

Cindy Crawford and her genetically blessed children. How soon until those two
are on the Disney channel, starring in their own tv show?
Nicole Kidman looks fabulous! Especially after having a baby so recently. I think she carried more up and down than sticking straight out. She had a tiny baby and gained probably less than twenty five pounds I'm guessing.

When these two were on Dancing with the Stars, you could sense the chemistry between them. He's a Mormon boy and she's a divorcee who is ten years older than him. I wonder how his parents feel about that?

Sam and Lindsay are canoodling at every turn. Understood, you're a couple, I've got it! Or else this is one big publicity stunt...concocted by none other than Dina Lohan.

I'm all for low key and low maintenance but Katie Holmes looks sickly and sad. She has dead robot eyes!

Victoria Beckham looks totally cute in her casual wear. I think she should opt for this look more often! All she needs now is a smile.

I suppose if you've got the legs for the short shorts you might as well wear them. And Pam's shorts are like, really super tiny.

I just read that Ashlee Simpson is afraid to give birth the old fashioned way so she's opting for a scheduled c-section. Hmmmm, pop the baby out or submit yourself to surgery with six weeks of recovery?

That's a baby bottle in granny's bag! A bottle for Suri. It's time to wean her off the barley water now. Isn't she two? You know Shiloh Jolie Pitt is the same age but her lips only touch pure Perrier and Fiji out of crystal cut stemware.

Reese Witherspoon looking great. She has such nice legs.

When I walk my dog, I wear a beat up tank and shorts with flip flops. When Reese does it, she's in head to toe designer clothing.

There is nothing flattering about these buttoned high-waisted denim booty diapers that Fergie is wearing. Fergie? Fuglie.

Paris and her fashion gestapo hat. And size 11 pumps of course.